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ISBI Modig Generation 5 - Anna-Lena, part 2

Generation 1 - Yvonne
Generation 2 - Johan
Generation 3 - Malin
Generation 4 - Eva
Generation 5.1 - Anna-Lena

A couple of RL years later, the play session is continued…

There was a traffic jam on the stairs, so Anders missed the school bus. It will not be great for his Knowledge aspiration, but luckily it wasn’t Pernilla, she’s still young enough to be taken by social services.

Back to the wishing well, Anna-Lena gets another teenager. 

It’ll have to do. No 17 – Serdar (Conehead?!)

In the meantime, Pernilla continues to play with the aquarium on her time off.

And Amanda sets the microwave oven on fire.

We get the message that both Roland and Pernilla will grow up tomorrow. That’s great, we will have an anniversary party and no risk of social services anymore!

The homework never ends, and Anna-Lena tries to get the teens to do their piles, too, not to waste their chances to go to university. Amanda gives her little niece a good noogie.

Then – a ghost sighting. It’s Generation 2, Johan Modig, who scares Annelie.

And generation 5 shows off their dancing skills. It’s a real Modig tradition, dancing in the bedroom.

Annette spent hours on the training bicycle, and Anna-Lena tries to make her not kill herself and starts playing red hands with her. Anna-Lena is as usual not dressed, and has really gained some weight lately. However, she’s not pregnant. At least we don’t think so.

Another failed well-attempt. And a gamecrash. By the way, we need to cancel all subscriptions for magazines, nobody ever reads them.

After the crash the well works better, and Ann-Lena gets Ragnar. He’s even an adult! And Anna-Lena is thin!

Ragnar becomes no 18. We’re closing in on our goal!

More goals ahead! Roland grows up badly to elder and Annelie and Annette are ready to leave for Uni –yihoo! Eva compares her old husband with the young one she had moments ago.

With her one elder command, Eva calls for a Golden Anniversary party and her LTW is finally fulfilled.

The oldest twins are talking about all the new people they will meet in Uni!

Then the whole family has drinks to celebrate the old couple. Roland decided to attend the festivities in his sweatsuit, even though I asked him to wear formal.

The last picture of child Pernilla. And Anna-Lena got dressed for the party!

She grows up well while fiddling with the syntheziser. She really looks like a sweet girl.
It seems she’s not, though. She rolls Romance and will need to change her looks.

Roland is as useless as ever in taking care of his own needs. Ana-Lena cooks porkchops and has called the family and all to dinner several times, but he still didn’t eat, just drink. So the party is a great success with a hired bartender and all!

Annelie and Annette have two scolarshiips each. It’s really good for ISBI sims. Especially Annelie’s grant for good grades! They both earn the art scolarship for creativity and Annette earns the dance grant, too.

Someone didn’t feed the cat again...

But he gets some love at least.

OMG! Pernilla reads the Nature magazine – stop the presses! She’s the first one in generations to pick up a magazine in this house.

And Roland continues to drink. Every time Anna-Lena calls the family to a meal, he goes straight out to the bar and mixes himself a drink. In between he complains about being hungry.

Amarcord is another three-bolter for Anna-Lena. He was the main character in my Asylum challenge on this site. She actually got to know him the normal way, via the telephone and not through the well.

And Amarcord is no 19...
He’s really a redhead as you can see from his brows, but apparently he had some midlife crisis after he escaped the Asylum and was rewarded a new youth.

From the well she then gets her next lover, Conny Hellman.

He’s her number 20, and he fulfills her Lifetime Want. I really think it’s too few aspiration points for fulfilling an LTW like that! It’s hell to do, even though it’s much, much easier with a wishing well!

The points are enough for her to select a secondary aspiration of Popularity, so maybe she’ll still have some use of the wishing well. She has a new LTW of becoming a Hall of Famer.

With her new aspiration of Popularity, Anna-Lena wishes to arrange a party. However, with her history of Romance, the guest list will be a delicate matter...

It’s a pretty boring party. Pernilla even falls asleep on the couch. Anna-Lena enjoys it though, playing games with Amarcord and discussing the movie Inception. Like sims like to do in all my hoods.

In the end it’s a pretty successful party. Amanda really admires her bigbig sister, even though Amarcord has had it by now.

Roland is probably getting senile. He gets demoted to freelance photographer because of him streaking at a party. His days as Professional Party Guest are officially over. Sorry, Roland!

It’s not common, but sometimes even Pernilla shows signs of being an ISBI sim. As soon as Anna-Lena goes to bed after the party, Pernilla sets fire to the microwave oven. However that's even possible.

Sunday is spent doing homework that has been neglected and also doing dance movements expected of a ballerina.

And while Anna-Lena dates Amarcord, Eva plays the piano for so long that she receives a hobby plaque in music.

Anna-Lena, Romance/Popularity always wants to meet new people. She just greeted her neighbour Jonathan Makau when he got hit by lightning. He survived, but left immediately.

We had a warning that Anders’ grades are slipping. No wonder when he hides his homework in the far corner of the garden!

Anna-Lena has a wish to make out with 20 sims. Apparently she didn’t make out with all her lovers, so we’ll invite them one by one until we find the missing one. First Amarcord, and she falls in love with him.

Make-out – goodbye.

In the meantime, her little sister Amanda is close to aspiration failure. She kicks over the trash can and stomps on the flowers.

Then she cleans up after herself. Amanda is a neat sim.

And then she maxes her bodyskill. The cat is interested in the progress.

Roland continues to make bad decisions at work and finally gets fired. 

Anna-Lena’s make-out hunt continues.

Apparently there are several lovers she never made out with.

But Kent is the 20th and we get 15.000 aspiration points!

and a full aspiration panel.

Her father Roland is depressed though. He’s a failed Fortune sim and very bad off as an ISBI sim.

Her sisters Annelie and Annette are free and in Uni! Good luck with your ISBI-free life!

Now when Anna-Lena reached her LTW of woohooing 20 sims, she wishes for a regular job for the first time in her life. Politics or Slacker preferably, it’s nearly the same thing :)
She accepts a job as a City Hall employee.

She wishes for Jonny, too, and invites him over. 

In the meantime, her elderly parents take turns in the dance sphere

Her sister Amanda works on her perfect physique monitored by their great-great-grandmother Yvonne

Her brother Anders is in aspiration failure and ruins all the flower beds

And her daughter and heir Pernilla dreams of older men.

Working life does not sit well with Anna-Lena. She gets fired on her first day due to a bad chance card.

Pernilla seems to hit it off with Anna-Lena’s teen lover Kent. It might be good for the future...

Or not...

Amanda finds an unknown star early Sunday morning

Pernilla is probably very close to maxing her creativity skill, but the ghosts of Jinja haunts her. Here it’s her great-grandmother Malin.

And there we leave Jinja again, after another couple of weeks of gameplay.

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