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ISBI Modig Generation 5 - Anna-Lena, part 1

Here's an update of my long forgotten ISBI Legacy, the Modig family. The pictures for generation 5 has been sitting on my computer for two years...

Generation 1 - Yvonne
Generation 2 - Johan
Generation 3 - Malin
Generation 4 - Eva

I was surprised to see that it was Roland following his daugther to campus.

Apparently they had a good ISBI relationship off camera. We can also see in this picture where the blue eyes of generation 5 comes from.

We find when we arrive to Uni, that Anna-Lena’s LTW is to woohoo with 20 different sims. She already woohoo-ed Boris back home as a teen, and now, she’s inviting her other friend Gilbert for some woohoo at Uni. 

We also find that Anne-Marie has an LTW to have 50 first dates. No wonder she was miserable as a teen and had a complete break-down upon arrival to Uni.
I will separate the two sisters, and let Anne-Marie lead her own life in another dorm. This is just too much for me to handle!

No 3 – Costas

No 4 – Niklas (who gave her mother Eva her first kiss!)

No 5 – Dreven, the llama

Oops! Uni baby incoming!

Right now, since nothing interesting happened in between.

It’s a girl, and her name is Pernilla. The brown eyes point in the direction of Niklas as being the father.

Yes, it’s him. At least he lives in the same dorm.

Look! Pernilla’s father takes care of her!

And her grand-father Roland too!

Then Pernilla is a toddler and Anna-Lena is sick with the flu.

Not to make Pernilla grow too fast, Anna-Lena tries to spend time at community lots. She realizes that it’s possible to write the term paper at the library, which is great!

Pernilla grows up badly, without knowing even one toddler skill. She starts her child life with a professor stalking her.

Anna-Lena continues to be away from home as much as possible, and is now working on a bunch of two- and three-bolters for future use. She bought herself a new sexy outfit, too.

Already on her first day of school, I had to use Pernilla’s one command to make her go to the schoolbus. This will be tough!

For the first time since Pernilla was born, Anna-Lena scores with a new sim. This is no 6 – Kevin, with an extremely ugly haircut.

Graduation time! All Anna-Lena’s family is here, and she cooks chili con carne for them.

She celebrates with no 7 – Elmer

And with no 8 – Andrzej

And with the taxi gone with Anna-Lena inside, Pernilla is picked up by the Social Services. I thought she would go home with Anna-Lena.
This needs to be solved!

Back to the ISBI house!

Back home, Anna-Lena’s reign doesn’t start off too good, Anders skips school, and there’s no option with the car to drive him to school.

No 9 – Nathan

And then, Pernilla comes to the house, officially adopted.

Anna-Lena is halfway through to her LTW with no 10 – Jesper.

Amanda comes home with an A+ report card and we received the grade warning for Pernilla, even though she was just delivered to the house.

No 11 – Zeeshan

Interlude in gameplay for several months ensued....

After months of neglect we come back to an ISBI house in uproar. Everybody is sick, at least with the flu. Some even have food poisoning at the same time. I start to realize why I left this house in the first place.

Everyone in this picture lives ISBI-lives in the same house, except Anna-Lena’s twin sister Anne-Marie, who moved away and got married, thus having a different last name.

With the help of a little influence, Anna-Lena gets Annelie to spend some time gardening.

Some things Anna-Lena really has to deal with herself – to keep her siblings’ and daughter’s grades up!

When she cannot find any more unfinished homework, Anna-Lena goes to the wishing well and wishes for Romance. Out falls Daniel Gille, and he’s more than willing to share her bed.
He becomes her number 12.

Anna-Lena’s great-great-great-grandfather Robin decides to come out and scare her. Just for fun I guess, or envy. He was an unfulfilled Romancer, living his life as an ISBI spouse, and Anna-Lena really lives the life he wanted.

Next round at the wishing well gives Anna-Lena a teen boy, who's very interested in her breasts...

Well, you better like what the wishing well gives you! Kent – no 13

Then the work starts again. We had a note from Pernilla’s teacher saying that her grades are improving but are still terrible, so an extra effort is needed not to loose our heiress!

Meanwhile, the rest of the family has a drinking party going at the poolside.

Look! Anna-Lena’s little sister Amanda is autonomously giving a speech about the poor state of  Simland’s health care System. “Everybody is always sick with the flu. When I become the President Queen I will see to that this will be history!”
Apparently she did this before but I missed it, since she seems to have maxed her Charisma skill in the process. What an awesome ISBI kid!

Then, Anna-Lena had a shower (after how many months we wonder?)  and is back in her real hair. She got a new guy from the wishing well and his name is Kuno. What kind of name is that anyway!?

However, her plans to woohoo Kuno gets postponed when her great-great-great-grandmother Yvonne, our ISBI founder, decides to make her presence known.

Mother Eva gets a scare too, when one of the countless dog ghosts appears ar her feet.

Score! No 14 – Kuno, who is left in the hot tub, too stunned to even get out of there.

The love is still strong between Anna-Lena’s parents, Eva and Roland. I don’t remember how much younger than her he is, but it’s quite a few years. She's still waiting to celebrate her Golden Anniversary with him

The sisters Annette and Annelie, who are now best friends, gossip about a stray dog (!) in the kitchen in the morning. They are soon old enough to be released from the ISBI curse.

New day, new conquers. And the wrong hair again. Maybe the long hair is attached to her hat.

Anna-Lena: ”Great job on your good grades, Amanda!”
Amanda: *beams
Roland: Falls asleep stinking in his food after he wet himself. He’s the worst ISBI-sim ever. He really can NOT take care of himself

Then Pernilla finds that her True Hobby is Nature. That’s good, maybe under her reign the garden can be straightened out again!

Then it’s time for Amanda to grow up to teen. Ooo, she’s pretty! She rolls Fortune and grows up in Platinum! How’s that for an ISBI kid?!

After this little interlude, we go back to our regularly scheduled program – Anna-Lena’s woohoo. No 15 – Jerry!

After a long nap, Amanda’s twin brother Anders grows up too.

He rolls Knowledge and grows up well. Not well enough for Platinum mood though!
Interesting side note: Both the twins want to have oldies by their side.
Amanda can consider both men and women, while Anders is perfectly gay.

Kids in school – new man. This is Sebastian. He looks exactly like Anna-Lena herself. It would be typical if she got herself pregnant by him! I want a Modig offspring that looks different at some point in time.

Number 16 – Sebastian

Hard work pays off, and Pernilla comes home with top grades.
Pernilla: “Mom! Mom! I’ve got great grades, it says so here if I can read it!” I really think she needs glasses.

Headmaster tiem!

While he’s there, Annelie earns her plaque in Music&Dance. In front of her, Pernilla in her new style.

Sparkly burgers are served.

And all the kids are enrolled in Private School! By the way, I love their kitchen floor – I want that!

After the successful headmaster visit, Anna-Lena thinks she deserves some loving again. But oops – the wishing well doesn’t work well when you’re out of gold aspiration!

Double oops! Mrs Crumplebottom didn’t like arriving through the well!

And there we're out of pictures, and have the energy and will to continuing to play the story!

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