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1.3 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy

Chapter 1.2

Last time, Anna was born and was annoying. Then the boy twins Lars and Karl were born and we saw hope that this Patriarchy wouldn't die with the first generation. Claes was promoted.

Tamara: “I HATE when the toilet clogs!”

As we learned last time, Tamara is hot-headed and gets angry easily.

Claes excels in his career and gets promoted to Vice President of the company. It has never been so easy for any of my sims. I guess it helps that he’s a Workoholic.

At the gym Claes kills two birds with one stone, by having his regular shower and chatting up Simis Bachelor. Claes has a job opportunity going that he should become friends with Simis.

Back home, Tamara tries to keep up with all the children’s needs. It doesn’t work very well.

Seriously, it’s way too much work with three small children!

With the bonus money from Claes’ latest promotion, the family could finally install a full bath in their little house. Since they still don’t have the money to have a living room, Tamara sits on the edge of the tub to read the newspaper when she’s got a moment to herself.

Finally it’s time for the boys to grow up!

Arrgh! Fire!

Tamara and Claes goes back to work after the boys grow up. They are completely identical, I cannot tell them apart unless I check their name plate. This is supposed to be the Insane Excitable Karl. They are so dark-skinned that it's hard to see them at all.

And here is the Artistic Genius Lars. It seems he’s got his mother’s dark eyes and not his father’s yellow. That is actually bad news for him, it would be fun to keep the yellow eyes in the family.

Claes gets promoted to CEO which is his LTW! Well, that was easy! He’s not even an adult yet!

First day back to work was tiresome to Tamara, but she got herself promoted to volounteer or whatever it might be called.

Anna will become a child finally. When the last guest left the party. Tamara was able to get a hold of her and bring her to her cake

Claes grows up too, in the filthy bathroom. And the little brothers are crying as usual. Sims3 kids are so incredibly annoying!

Anna looks very much like a Shrek kid, only brown instead of green. When she grew up the family trait Snob was chosen for her. So now she’s a neurotic, cranky snob. She will be a lovely child, I’m sure...

Sunday aftersoon goes by in a slow pace. While Claes teaches one twin to talk, Anna plays peekaboo with the other. That was actually pretty cute :)

After her first day of school, Anna follows her new friend Jeremy Kennedy home, but pretty much ignores him for her homework. The Kennedy house is light and cheerful, not dark and dull as her own house.
Pretty soon she leaves the house, too. She got an assignement from her teacher to submit some forms to the City Hall, and runs away to do so before heading home.

I didn’t know it was possible to get any higher in the business career than CEO, but apparently it is. Claes is now the Chairman of the Board, and has no boss anymore!

He celebrates the occasion with yet another un-characteristic nap. Soon it will BE characteristic!

Tamara gets promoted to Yes-voter, whatever that is, and rushes off to help out at the school elections.

A rare moment of bliss when Lars is not fuzzing. I think he looks a lot like his mother, except the skin colour.

Karl looks more like his father, and will definitively be the heir, if we ever get that far in this story.


Finally it’s Karl’s birthday and he seems to look forward to it too, so that he can feed himself.
Just look at his evil face!

Here is the result. Lars on the left acquired the trait Mooch and Karl to the right is now Neurotic on top of being Insane and Excitable.

Another promotion! Claes is now a Mighty Broker. I’m amazed that this happens! Two more steps above his LTW has been available!

Then it’s Anna’s birthday. It will be interesting to see how she turns out. Somehow I misplaced the original photo and had to copy it from my word-file. Then all the colours were distorted (worse than normally :/), so I ended up using a gray-scale. Which is fine by Anna, since gray is her favourite colour.

Hm… A very akward teen indeed, who looks older than her mother.

After a little make-over, Anna looks better, but still awkward. She aquired the trait unflirty as her teen trait, which will probably mean that she will never marry. On the other hand, while checking again, the trait didn’t stick, so we’ll see what happens.


Saturday, Tamara arranges a fund-raising party and tries to get some money to her political campaign.
And when the guests leave the epic party, Tamara can sum up the money she got to 55.095§!
That’s really good, Tamara!

Monday we get to see Claes' ride and his new work suit. Impressive!

The young Motvalls heir, Karl, has already decided on his LTW. He will become a brilliant author, and has already started his first novel. Since he’s insane, he always wears his formal shirt in his favourite colour of Aqua. It’s his bed in the background, with aqua-coloured sheets. The boys’ bedroom needs new wallpaper, they are hardly visible with their red-brownish skin

And look! After all these years, the family finally had the money to buy a stove and one counter! From now on, they might even have dinner together, not just having a bowl of cereal on different times.

Tamara had the chance to steal 5000§ from a campaign fund, and since she’s a Daredevil and a Mooch it seemed logical that she would, so she did it. Let’s see if she’ll be found out. But first – birthdays!

Both Karl and Lars are turning into teens. Let’s see if we will be allowed to choose the Snob trait for them and if it will stick.

Lars, who now can add the trait Snob to his earlier array of Artistic, Genius and Mooch, has decided that his LTW is to become a Brilliant Artist. He’s working on paintings all the time, and will have to paint the first legacy portraits as soon as he’s got the skill for it.

Karl looks mean when he grows up, but he’s not. He’s just Insane, Neurotic, Excitable and a Snob. As we already know, he wants to become a Brilliant Author.

And there we leave the Motvalls for this time. Sorry about the picture quality, I will buy myself a better graphics card any day soon!


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