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1.2 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy

Chapter 1.1

Last time we met Claes Motvalls, our founder, and followed him through job applications, fishing and meeting his lovely wife Tamara
This time, let's see what the newlyweds are up to.

Back at work on Monday, Claes gets promoted to Office Droner, whatever that is, and gets a new boss.


It seems Günther retired from the CEO position. That means that Claes has to suck up to a new boss, Angelica Langö. But first, he goes to his beloved gym and stalks a nice looking young woman at the exercise machine.

He also visits his friend Iqbal’s house before he goes home to his beloved wife.

The beloved wife, who in the tiny bathroom discovers that she’s pregnant. She wishes for a boy, which would be perfect, since this is decided to become a patriarchy.

While Tamara waits for the baby, she reads a lot. Today she will also hold a seminar at the Police station about negotiation techniques.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided that this should be a Patriarchy. Claes and Tamara’s firstborn is a Neurotic Cranky girl who gets the name Anna.

Thereby Tamara secured her place in the Bloodline. It seems Anna inherited her father’s dark skin and her mother’s dark eyes.

Claes fell asleep at an incredible boring seminar, but despite the embarassment he got promoted to Junior Executive. Maybe the bonus money will help buy the crib for the baby that Tamara wishes for.

Tamara is on maternity leave and the family hasn’t had the money to buy a shower yet. When Claes comes home from work, Tamara demands to go to the gym first to shower, even though Claes would need it just as much. He settles with having a nap instead. That´s very unusual for him, his neurotic side doesn’t like napping.

Slowly, slowly, the house is forming around the necessary furniture.

Then it’s Claes’ turn to go and have a shower and Tamara’s turn to sleep. She wakes up quickly though, since it’s her adult birthday all of a sudden!

Then the cranky baby Anna steals the show. She’s terrible, I really hope she’ll be better when she’s older
The parents are trying to sleep, but Anna disagrees.

Claes: “Your daughter is incredably noisy. I resent that!”

Tamara: “It’s YOUR daughter, I wanted a son, remember?”

Most. Annoying. Baby. Ever.

Claes has finally been able to connect with his new boss Angelica and gets promoted to Regional Manager. He’s delighted of course!


At last, on Saturday, it’s time for Anna’s birthday. The worst thing though is that the toddler period is even more annoying than the baby period, even for normal, uncranky sim kids.

We can now see that Anna inherited all her father’s colours – both the dark skin, the dark red hair and the light yellow eyes. With her wide face and nose she looks like a troll kid. A Spawn of Shrek.

After Anna’s party, Tamara notes that she’s pregnant again. Let’s hope for a boy now!

Later, when they both get woken up by Anna, Tamara tells Claes the good news.
Claes: “Well, I hope it’s a boy, since this is going to cost us a lot of money!” (They both have the "Boy" want locked now)

Most. Annoying. Toddler. Ever.

Talking about money - it gets even worse – the Repo man takes the windows for payment of the bills. Claes cannot do anything but watch, since the family really don’t have the money to pay the bills. And my pictures are worse than ever in the dark house.


Sometimes this most annoying toddler is receptive to teachings and not only howling for one reason or another. In those moments she’s pretty cute, I give her that.
Just the second Anna learns to go potty, it’s time for the next baby. Tamara had an apple diet during this pregnancy, let’s see if it yields any results toward an heir!


It’s twins, and it’s boys! If the taxi picture wasn't so dark you could see them in the back there.
They are named Lars, who is an Artistic Genius and Karl, who is an Insane Excitable.

When they come home, Claes is beat and says so. 

Claes: "Boy, I'm beat!"
Tamara: “Hey, here I squeeze out double heirs for you, and then YOU are beat?! You’re such a pig!”

Tamara is a hothead, and sometimes it's even noticable.

That's it for this time!

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