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Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy

I wanted to do something different, and ended up with an anti-me Legacy for Sims 3. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

Meet our founder, Claes Motvalls (on the contrary). He’s an anti-me, I think. He's muscular and fat, with dark skin, wide nose and light yellow eyes.

He moves in to the beautiful lot of 15 Summerhill Court, or Sommartuna Gård 15, as it is called in Swedish. He is a Neurotic Workoholic, Technophobiac Hopeless Romantic and a Snob.


He loves pop music, peanut butter sandwiches and pink and has an LTW of becoming CEO of a global company.

And while Claes starts to brag to the paper girl about some gold star that he got at some point, we can inform our audience that this legacy will be a Patriarchy with the Family Trait Snob. Also, we try out Twallan’s Mod, if I got it installed properly. And, I'm trying to use IrfanView for lightening up and cropping my pictures, but it doesn't seem to have worked too well :(

While piercing the paper with his light yellow, slanted eyes, Claes finds an ad for a coffee boy at the major business building in town, and immediately applies for the job.

In some way, like magically, Claes knows the number to Günther Goth and gives him a call.

Oh, I get it now! Günther is Claes’ boss. His number was of course in the ad for the job!

When Claes for the third consecutive time calls Günther to tell him about his new lot, I decide that he needs something else to do with his spare time. Look at the fish splashing in the river on the neighbouring lot!

So, he goes fishing across the street when a pretty girl is spotted at 11 o’clock. Go get her, Claes!
Oh no! He missed her! Well, better luck next time, big boy!


so Claes goes back to fishing, and we realize that we live next door to the Landgraabs. (Malcolm is on his way home)
Don’t look so excited, Claes!

The next morning, Claes relaxes on his randomly pink bed before work. “One day” he thinks, “One day, this will be a beautiful mansion, not only a single bed and an empty halfbath to be!

After work, Claes goes to the gym. Not to workout, but to get a shower. While there, he meets Tamara Donner. It’s the first woman he’s ever talked to!

Already on Tuesday Claes gets his first promotion by sucking up to Günther. He gets placed in the archives. It’s not much, but it’s actual office work, not just fetching coffee for everyone!


So, he’s calling Tamara to tell her the good news. Or, it’s just an excuse to call her at all.
Claes even asks Tamara on a date, and she seems to think that he’s a nice guy.

The next day, he’s going to the gym again for a shower. And additionally, they have fantastic mirrors where you can admire yourself!

Thursday Claes gets promoted again, to report writer. He’s fantastically happy, but maintains his poker face as always.

He invites Tamara again to tell her the great news! She seems moderately interested.
Then he remembers to ask Tamara about her marital status.
He finds that she’s single, and invites her to come listen to his records, as soon as he’s got the money to buy a CD-player!


And the young couple ends up taking a cab back to his place!
And while the sun sets over Claes’ beach lot and newly purchased double bed with pink bed sheets, he’s whispering sweet nothings in Tamara’s ear…

It’s just a matter of time before we have ourselves a legacy spouse!

The next day at his daily visit to the gym for a shower, Claes actually works out first. He’s really got a massive body!

Saturday morning Claes invites everyone he knows and asks them to put on their formals. He bought a pizza and is preparing to do something important...

”Tamara, my love, will you marry me?”

”Yes, of course I will, my big bear!”

After the party, Günther, Claes’ boss, stays behind to congratulate him on the fantastic engagement party. Claes cannot stop talking about his lovely Tamara.

Saturday night, after he went by his job place to rig a practical joke for his best friend (apart from his boss) Iqbal, Claes went to his second home and hang-out place, the gym, to have a snack and a shower.

Sunday, the big day of the wedding comes. Claes shows his neurotic side by flipping out while preparing for the party and waiting for the guests.

“What if Tamara changed her mind and doesn’t show up?! Whaaa!!”

Tamara did show up, but she doesn’t get along with Claes’ work mates. Let´s hope this doesn’t ruin the party.
Awwww, the rings are put on their fingers and all the guests are cheering. Or could have.

Look! The guests are tossing rice at the newlyweds! I never saw that before! Claes is not very observant and hasn’t had a clue what traits Tamara has, but now during the wedding party he found one – mooch!

She brings only 1.518§ to the house.

Here is the lovely bride. She's quite a bit older than Claes, but at least she'll be a Young Adult for a few more days. Tamara works in the Political Career as a vote counter.



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