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Modig - ISBI Challenge - Generation 4

Generation 1 - Yvonne
Generation 2 - Johan
Generation 3 - Malin

Eva grows up badly, but is followed to Uni by her mother Malin, newly ISBI-ized.
Eva is the first ISBI-heir to attend University. She’s a Family sim though, so she’s mostly here to find her significant other

She also brings her little brother Erik, who is now free from the ISBI challenge and can live his own life.

Eva changed her looks and is desperately trying to find someone to share her life with.

So far no more than one-bolters though. ACR decided that Eva is straight.

Erik changed his looks too, and gets his first kiss from crossed-out-bolter Tina Leander. It has to be done, is the device of a Romancer. ACR decided that Erik is bi-sexual.

Also, after his sophomore year he changed his aspiration to Family to be more compatible with Tina. They’re out of the ISBI story anyway, so I chose his aspiration rather than rolled it.

Eva gets her first kiss, too, from Niklas Alsjö. This is probably her future intended. It would be interesting to see what those two noses will look like in the next generation

On the other hand, Roland Andersen is better, according to Eva. And she’s the one to get married, so what can I say against it?

Time to go home and start this ISBI chapter. Eva’s father Christopher is congratulating her on her graduation.

Upon returning home, vermin is discovered in the backyard, and Cristopher and Malin get sick. Eva calls the express exterminators to get rid of the problem.

Christoffer gets promoted to SWAT team leader! I have no idea if he’s got any more skill points hidden to get even further. I don’t even know how long he’s going to live.

Eva maxes her body skill, since she wanted to work out. She also wants to become best friends with Maja Benett, have a baby and a job in the Military or the SCIA.

No wish for marriage so far, but we’ll have to have that anyway, since her LTW is to have a Golden Anniversary. We can wait for a while though.

Eva invites Roland on a home-date, and we realize that he’s a fortune sim. They get along fine. Please note that the crib is still installed since the last generation, i e Eva and her brother Erik.

And it’s their very first time. Awww!

And Eva, the baby-longing Family sim got her wish granted. At least a chance to get her wish of a baby granted. She still has no wants for the father of the baby to move in or marry her.

Instead, she’s training her own father to max his body skill, despite her being now visibly pregnant.
In the meantime, her mother Malin makes a bad decision on a chance card and gets demoted to Field Agent. It really doesn’t matter much, since she’s already permaplat. 

Eva invited Roland for a date, and one of the date activities was the birth of his twin daughters Anna-Lena and Anne-Marie. He still doesn’t live in the house. Malin and Christopher are delighted to become grand-parents.

Eva is a strange Family sim, who still doesn’t want to marry the father of her daughters. She does however wish for a membership in the Garden Club, so she invites them over.

Yay! Wishing well! I did not expect it, they complained about a lot of stuff but still ended up giving Eva the well.

At the twins’ birthday party, Eva’s great-grandfather Robin decides to scare the living daylights out of Christopher, in the middle of his salmon cooking.

Then Malin gets furious with Eva’s college friends. Did she have an affair with that blue-haired guy? I don’t remember that, but it seems so.

And the twins are still babies, because Eva cannot get a hold of them long enough to take them to their cakes.

Finally Eva can take Anna-Lena to the cake. She’s not a very pretty toddler, but the Modig family is infamous for their ugly children. Eva turned out ok as an adult though, except the nose.

Anne-Marie has the exact same colours as her sister. They are really identical twins, but not clones, since the game doesn’t work that way.
The bear outfit needs to go.

Eva wastes no time in starting the toddler training. Still in her swimwear, she taught Anne-Marie to walk, go potty and sing a nursery rhyme, just over night.

Anna-Lena is a bit slower than her sister, but at nightfall she knows the same things as her. Eva is still in her swimwear.

At the time of the twins’ next birthday, Malin gets demoted yet again due to a bad hobby chance card. I’m glad she’s permaplat and that money is no issue here.

Roland is attending his daughters’ birthday, but he still doesn’t live in the house and Eva has no wants to marry him. She does however wish for another baby, and Roland has helped her to get there. She is pregnant again, even though it doesn’t show yet.

At least she changed from her swimwear to her underwear, but I don’t know if it’s any better.

After Anne-Marie finally came to the cake, Eva’s grand-mother Christel came out and scared her half to death. This is not good for the baby!

But more important, for the first time ever, Eva wishes to get married. Maybe the scare made her think about her children’s future. If she dies, they should at least have their father close by!

And between the puddles formed by ghost-scares, Anne-Marie shows us the fact that this is indeed an ISBI story.

Anna-Lena apparently found a bed to sleep in, and by early morning, she autonomously starts her musical education. Good girl!

For once Eva got dressed, and she proposes to her beloved Roland. He says yes of course.

Roland shifts into his purple coat instead of his usual red, and Eva puts on a very strong corset and an old-fashioned dress. Let the wedding begin!

Roland is rich! It was expected, since he’s the male diva, or whatever it’s called.

Anne-Marie finds her love of games, and seems to be happy that her father moved in with them.
After the honeymoon, Eva is in great shape and has the energy to teach Anna-Lena how to study.

Roland is behaving ISBI-like and overheats himself by exercise bike, and Eva has to pour water over him.

The stress makes her go into labour too early.  And unfortunately she loses the baby.

She soon has other things to think about, since Roland, who is already overheated, pours himself a hot bath. Stupid sim! Eva has to pour cold water over him again.

Then he falls asleep on the floor, and prevents Christoffer from taking a much needed shower

Then he even dies from starvation!! Roland is certainly not fit for an ISBI-challenge.

”Please, don’t take him! I just lost my child, please don’t take my husband too!!”

Then the game crashed, and Roland died on another spot in the kitchen. Eva picks a hand.

And she wins! Roland is back!

Anna-Lena is a real virtuoso, she loves all instruments and the karaoke machine alike. When I look for her I usually find her doing something that has to do with music.

During the weekend, Eva succeeds in teaching Anne-Marie how to study. It has not been easy to find the time, but now it’s done. Unfortunately it doesn’t help much, since Eva needs to monitor all homework in the future anyway.

While preparing breakfast for her family on Sunday, Eva realizes she’s pregnant again. She has suspected it, since she’s been very tired and nauseous lately.

Hopefully this time it will end better.

Christoffer bonds with his grand-daughter Anne-Marie. She loves games, just like her mother.

Anna-Lena comes home with great grades, but Roland doesn’t seem to know what to do with the information.

Even the fifth generation Modig loves to smustle. Anne-Marie looks very much like her father, don’t you agree?

The third generation Modig is also working on the family hobby, and Malin receives a plaque for Music&Dance enthusiasm.

While the girls are in school on Tuesday, the labour pains start. Healthy pains, bringing us healthy babies.

It’s another set of identical twin girls, who get the names Annette and Annelie. We have a lot of spares in this generation!

Anne-Marie finally followed in her sister’s foot steps and got a great report card. Good girl! The older twins are due to grow up very soon.

The twins’ birthday. Malin is back as Head of SCIA, Eva is back in her swimwear, and Missy, the family’s ancient cat, is still allowed to sit on the counter tops.

Annelie and Annette grow up and get training

Anna-Lena – Romance. Bisexual. Turn ons: Perfume, Fitness. Turn off: Glasses
Anne-Marie - Pleasure. Straight. Turn ons: Brown hair, high mechanical skill. Turn off: Red hair.

Both Annelie and Annette learned all toddler skills off camera in time for their next birthday. All sims are still alive, except Missy, the cat, who died without anyone noticing.

Even though the Police broke the party up, it’s a big celebration for Annette too. Everyone is here, except Roland, who works nights as a Professional Party guest.

The next generation starts earning plaques.
Annelie finds that her preferred hobby is sports, just like her father’s. He discovered it while sleeping.

Eva wished for another kitty when Missy died, so she adopted a red male kitten and named him Röde (Red). She’s mostly wearing underwear nowadays, because she’s trying very hard to get pregnant a last time before she’s too old. Unfortunately for her it hasn’t taken yet.

In the afternoon it’s time to take care of all homework again. Annelie learns how to study while Malin is zoning over music pages on the internet.

Don’t look so happy, you’re creating a lot of work for yourself, getting pregnant like that!

Eva, who developed a secondary aspiration of Romance, dates her husband while her father is worrying about his career. He missed the carpool. The younger twins on the other hand come home with top grades.

Eva tries to help her father to gain more logic points. He really doesn’t like playing with her, because she’s such a cheat.

Then it’s time for Malin to go. She just arrived home from work with her usual workmate. He always comes home with her, but I have no idea what his name is. Malin became pretty old, but I don’t know how old, maybe 80.

Röde grew up and is hardly red at all anymore.

Time for the last baby! 

Make that babies… It’s of course twins, but there’s a surprise! It’s one girl and one BOY! They get the names Amanda and Anders.

And that night, just when arriving home from work, it’s time for Christopher to leave this world. Unfortunately he’s not in platinum, but which ISBI-mate is?

The musical education continues, and Annette maxes her creativity skill.

Unfortunately not everything is a bliss in this house anymore. Anna-Lena and Anne-Marie are fighting!

As a consequence, Anna-Lena has a bad mood and skips school on Friday, thereby losing a grade. Hopefully not to the point of not being able to attend Uni. I also discovered after many tries that it’s no use to make juice for an ISBI family, noone drinks it. Better put the produce in the fridge so they can make their own meals at all times.

They don’t eat left-overs either.

Amanda grows up to toddler – the last girl of generation 5.

And finally, just an hour before he was going to grow up all by himself, Eva could get a hold of Anders. As a celebration for being the last kid in this generation, he grows up in a black tuxedo and a decent haircut. Classy!

Both her teen daughters Anna-Lena and Anne-Marie show signs of being in aspiration failure, so Eva decides to take them shopping on Saturday night after the toddler birthday party. That should be great for a Romance and a Pleasure teen, but they both look determined not to have any fun.

Anna-Lena hates the dart boar, but Anne-Marie actually seems to enjoy herself.

Meanwhile, Eva buys groceries and clothes to all her girls and her boy.

At home, Roland skipped work to drink coffee, and obviously noone fed the cat. Or taught him not to eat sim food from the counter.

This house is way too crowded with sims. In the next generation, I will work for only one, max two babies. I guess Anna-Lena will be happy with that, being Romance and all.

This is a crappy picture, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Roland pay any attention to any of his kids. Logically you could think it would be his son, since he never cared before, but it’s not, it’s his youngest daughter Amanda.

I used Anna-Lena’s one command as a teen to wish for love from the wishing well. She got herself an adult lover, the infamous Boris, and he kissed her. Unfortunately it didn’t do anything at all for her aspiration. If Romancers don’t want romance, what DO they want?!

 In other news, the garden looks a mess, because Eva has too much to do and it has been raining like crazy. Also we had to fence the graveyard, since Anne-Marie tried to kick over the headstones several times.

Ummm… it wouldn’t be great if you became pregnant now, you might miss your slot for going to Uni…

Then it’s time for the next set of twins to become teens. Annelie managed somehow to grow up well. She rolls the Popularity aspiration and turns on from make-up and logic, but turns off from careerists. ACR makes her straight.

Annette grows up well too, looking exactly like Anna-Lena. She rolls Pleasure and turns on from jewellery and formal wear (party animal, much?) and turns off from black hair. That could be good for the gene pool of this family, but unfortunately we have an heir selected already. Last piece of info on Annette: ACR made her straight.

During the night, Eva does some catching up with the youngest twins’ education. We just got the two days failure warning. Both twins now goes potty, and Anders know the nursery rhyme and knows how to talk. Amanda is falling behind and is working on her nursery rhyme now.

Then – time to grow up for Eva, and finally time to fulfill her LTW of having a Golden Anniversary. Luckily she never had time to cheat on Roland, not even after she developed a secondary aspiration of Romance. It’s also the youngest twins birthday.

But first things first, Eva needs some new clothes!

Amanda grows up well to child, and Eva’s invitation for an anniversary party didn’t work. At least it didn’t fulfill her LTW. Does Roland need to get old first too? In that case I think I need to save her a command until her ISBI-dom that’s coming up soon.

Anders grows up well too, and shows very blue eyes. Black hair and dark blue eyes are the signature of the Modig generation 5. Black hair has become the signature for all the clan of Modig’s, ever since Yvonne's founding days.

New week, new school kids and new homework. Some things never change. Like the fact that Eva is in her underwear.

Umm… I never saw Roland do this before, and now – three times in a row!

Eva: ”Now, my dear daughter Anna-Lena, it’s your turn. Here’s the torch. I hope you can help your sister Anne-Marie to come out of her depression. Bring her with you to Uni, and then come back to pass on the Modig legacy.”

During Eva’s torch-holder life and ISBI-upbringing, she accomplished the following:

 -         Did NOT reach LTW of celebrating golden anniversary, for unknown reasons
-         6 friends outside the family
-         Graduated from Uni SCL
-         Earned 0 § since she never had a job, but she gave birth to five daughters and a son, all of whom she taught all toddler skills and how to study.
-         Earned a gold badge in Gardening and a wishing well
-         Skill points: Cooking 5, Mechanical 4, Charisma 4, Body 10, Logic 7, Creativity 10, Cleaning 8
-         Hobby points: Food 4, Games 4 (Preferred), Nature 6, Music 4


While being brought up ISBI-style Anna-Lena has accomplished the following:

-         Public School, B grades
-         2 friends outside the family
-         4 toddler skills
-         Skill points: Cooking 1, Mechanical 0, Charisma 5, Body 0, Logic 0, Creativity 10, Cleaning 4
-         Hobby points: Food 1, Science 0 (Preferred), Music 9 (plus a plaque)

Anne-Marie, who is playing with Röde, the cat, is coming with her twin sister Anna-Lena to Uni, and is thereby released of ISBI-dom. However, remaining in the house for Anna-Lena to take care of when she returns are: Eva, her mother, Roland, her father, Annelie, Annette and Amanda, her sisters, and Anders, her brother. It’s still a pretty full house...

Wow - 97 pictures!






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