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Sims 3 - My Simself Legacy - Week 3

Last time Mia and Gunnar were married in a quiet ceremony at home. Mia got pregnant and gave birth to Ylva, their daughter. Gunnar took a job in Science and started a garden. He collected seeds while Mia learned more recepies.

Week 3 - Monday

Mia is still on maternity leave, and goes grocery shopping for the ingredients for fruit parfait.

She would also like to buy new recipes, but doesn’t have the money.

She can’t help passing by the bookstore anyway, and there she meets Pauline and has a chat with her.

Then Zelda Mae passes by and realizes that she has been shopping at the same clothes outlet as Pauline

Gunnar gets promoted to Lab Technician, and stops by his usual seed collecting spot on the way home.

Back home, Mia prepared Gunnar’s favourite dish, peanutbutter sandwiches, but she couldn’t keep them down herself. She’s pregnant with the second Babluis off-spring and apparently this time is rougher than the first. Or peanutbutter sandwiches are just foul, which is my opinion.

Then it’s time for Ylva’s birthday. Since they are short on money, and don’t have many friends anyway, they celebrate with family only.

Here she is, learning to talk. She’s blond like Mummy and looks like every other toddler. Also in the picture is her only toy, the teddy bear Tessa.

I must say that I think toddlers are more annoying in Sims3 than in Sims2. They are so needy all the time, never satisfied. Ylva here has some impressive vocal organs. I cover my ears.

And this artificially lightened picture shows Gunnar taking care of his first harvest.


Mia is getting bigger and bigger. Today the baby will probably come. Ylva is taking walking lessons. It looks really cute!

”Hi Pauline! Yes, I’m at home with Ylva, trying to teach her to walk, but it takes forever. No, the baby hasn’t arrived yet, but it should be later today. Hope it will wait until Gunnar comes home from work.”


The baby waits until Thursday morning before it decides to arrive. Gunnar catches up with Mia, he had to wait for the baby sitter before he could leave Ylva.

Then Erik is born. He is no 1 IRL. The game gives him the traits Clumsy and Loner. I wasn’t allowed to choose anything, like Lucky or Computer Wiz, as I would have done otherwise.

Back home, Mia, still in maternity wear, continues to teach Ylva everything she needs to know.

In the afternoon when Gunnar comes home from work, and tends to his garden, Mia suddenly remembers that she promised the police department to bring them hamburgers tonight, so she starts cooking.

With one hour margin, Mia submits the burgers


Mia has wished to buy books for the longest time, and at last there was some spare money available. She bought some childrens’ books and starts to read them with Ylva. This was just too cute! And she learns things from them too! I never bought childrens’ books before.


Now it’s time for Erik’s birthday. Since it’s Saturday we throw a party.


And here he is. He’s got the same haircut as his father. Today Mia and Gunnar will become adults.

Time for another party!

Look! Pauline is pregnant!

And as soon as the guests were leaving, Pauline’s labour started, and Gunnar was the one who had to take her to the hospital. Ylva was up, so he had to bring her along, too.

You don’t see it, but it’s a girl, who gets the name Ellinore. Maybe a good match for Erik when he grows up? Gunnar and Ylva heads home as fast as possible, Ylva really needs some food now!

Next time we'll find out how Ylva will be like as a child, and maybe Gunnar can grow one of his unknown seeds.

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