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Victoria Supersim - Week 41 - Family First

Last time, Victoria maxed her Robotics skill and worked as a Doctor. Midsummer was celebrated with barbecue and drinks at Maria’s house. Neighbour hood brawl day gave the couple bad sentiments towards each other and required apologies. Victoria delivered a baby at work and got promoted to Surgeon. Grand-daughter Maria died.

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Five-star celebrity

Completed careers: Painter, Criminal, Culinary, Entertainment, Tech Guru, Actress, Gardener, Professor
Youth elixirs: 10

Current career: Medicin
Missing aspirations: City Native
Missing skills: None

Victoria lives with her husband Lars in an apartment in San Myshuno.

The week starts on a sad note. We get message after message that people died.

Victoria needs a drink at 6am.

Hopefully it was a non-alcoholoc drink, because she goes in to work. She does successfully treat the first patient anyway

And the second!

And the third! We’re on a flow here

There’s a bit of a hickup when the receptionist suddenly dies though

Back home, Lars is producing one excellent painting after another

Victoria comes home with a fever and goes to bed.

When she wakes up, GeekCon is on. Finally!!

Wise from the last time, she enters the beginner level in the BlicBloc competition

Nooooo!!!! She ends up in second place, can’t believe it!!

J68 is much more upset than Victoria though. She’s just happy to meet her only grandchild Cecilia at the festival.

Back home Lars reaches the next milestone in his aspiration.

At work, Victoria diagnoses the next sim with pregnancy and imminent delivery.

Number 4 out of the required 5 cured.

And number 5!

She gets promoted to level 10 and immediately quits. So fed up with the hospital!

Instead she starts at level 4 in the Engineering career.

It’s time for Harvestfest!

And to pass time until next GeekCon and to prepare for the next challenge, Victoria and Lars (or j68) decide it’s time to have new kids.

Grand meal! Come and grab! Even Cecilia is an elder now, so soon she’ll be gone too.

Lars racks up masterpieces

Victoria gets promoted

A new row of deaths coudn’t come at a better time. It’s All Saints and Victoria and Lars go to the old family home to pay tribute to all the ancestors. It’s raining as usual in Brindleton Bay.

Labour! The hot noodles got it started!

So she goes back to the hospital where she spent so many years, now as a patient.

It’s twins! The girl gets the name Laila and the boy is Lage. For the first time we now announce the plan for them:

These two will do a ”Rags-to-riches” challenge, based on both recycling and farming. Whenever they grow up and (or) Victoria can finalize her challenge. For now, they don’t even have a room, but are placed behind the bar.

The twins are born on Prank Day and Lars and Victoria completes the holiday on Cecilia’s expense.

And by that, the week is over. Vicoria has become quite soft around the middle, and starts working it off. The only thing left on her to-do-list is to win a competition at GeekCon. Any tips from the audience how to do that??

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