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Sims 3 - My Simself Legacy - Week 2

Last time Mia, the founder, moved in to her beautiful lot. She started a career in business and met Gage Gunnar. She also started her long journey towards becoming The Culinary Librarian. The pictures are too dark, I apologize for that and ask for tips to fix it.

Week 2 - Monday

When she wakes up Monday morning, Mia reads her recipe for Cookies before work.

Then off she goes

I missed her victory dance – Mia was promoted to Report Writer. Congratulations!
With the bonus money she buys the next volume of the cookbook, as she has wished for for days!


A couple of days ago Mia accepted an opportunity to cook for the bistro, and the assignment is due today. Waffles is her best dish so far, so she’s submitting that one. Let’s hope she’ll not get late for work

Then she goes to the bistro. She’s already late for work. She comes in on second place in the food contest, and she’s hours late for work. Not Mia’s best day in her life, so far.

So she calls her boyfriend and invites him over. She wishes to cook him his favourite meal, but she doesn’t know which dish it is yet. Time for trial and error.

Cookies was not his favourite. Please note that we now have two chairs, but not with the same fabric of course.

Then, in the middle of the night, when it’s technically Wednesday, Mia proposes to Gunnar. He’s fantastically tired.

But first of all he finds Mia extremely irresistible, so he says yes. And they get married at the same time too.


Gunnar goes to the Science lab to apply for a job. His Lifetime wish is to breed cyborgs.

Just look at our new Test Subject, he’s gorgeous! We found that Gunnar’s last trait is Frugal and that his favourit meal is peanut butter sandwiches.

Next stop is City Hall, to officially change his name to Gunnar Babluis. That’s not our real last name, just one of the 40+ misspellings we have collected over the last 20 years.

Then a tour to the bookstore to buy books on gardening and handiness.

Then grocery shopping. And at last time to go home. And before Mia goes home, she goes to City Hall, to change her name too.

The garden is started, with lettuce, grapes, tomatoes, and an apple tree.

Then he remembers that he saw something on the ground in the forest close to the house, and he walks there to take a look. It turns out to be seeds of some kind.
Unfortunately he’s not skilled enough to plant them yet, but when he is they’ll go into the ground as soon as possible.


When Gunnar moved in, the Babluis couple could afford some more furniture, and Mia is now enjoying her breakfast of left-over cookies on the patio.

Gunnar’s first try with gardening didn’t work too well. Maybe the fertilizer was more important than he (I) thought.

Since Gunnar is Good, he likes to donate to charity. This week it’s “The Ocean” that gets his 250§.

This is so cute! Mia has a big heart in her panel as soon as Gunnar is in the room. I guess my own panel would look like that too... And the cutest thing is that Gunnar has the same feelings. This is a match made in heaven!

Another cute thing is that Mia and Gunnar are exactly the same age. I never managed that in Sims3. And I really had no idea how old he was when Mia met him. In real life there’s a difference of two years, but who’s counting?

Hey! Look at that! Mia is pregnant! And she wasn’t sick once, just like me :) Nauseous, yes, but not sick. Now she wishes for a girl. And Gunnar wishes for a boy. Someone will be happy.


Mia wants to read a pregnancy book, but has no money to buy the book. So – of course she goes to the library and reads the book there!

Hi Pauline! Haven’t seen you since our first day here!

After work Gunnar goes to the forest and picks some more ”special” and ”unique” unknown seeds that he’s not skilled enough to plant. But one day...

Then he makes a special delivery to Cycl0n Sw0rd. It looks really suspicious, but I assure you, Cycl0n only wants some good vegetables.

Back home, Mia and Gunnar spends the evening on the porch.

Mia: “Can you imagine that we’re going to have a baby?!”
Gunnar : ...

I wish I had such a view from my porch. No such luck! In this light Mia looks old, but she’s really still just a young adult.


Mia invites Thornton, her boss, on Saturday. They have had a quite close relationship already before, but now they become real friends.

In the evening it’s time. Mia and Gunnar goes to the hospital. Mia walks herself, just like I did.

It’s Ylva. She’s actually no 2 IRL, but what can you do?
The game gives her the trait Brave. I want to give her Good Sense of Humor, but that’s apparently not applicable for infants, so I choose her second RL trait Couch Potato.


Look at him! Taking care of his infant daughter while Mummy is allowed to sleep! It’s so sweet and realistic! I really, really love this guy!

The rest of the day is used for studying recipes and reading books. And then it’s Gunnar’s turn to sleep and Mia takes care of Ylva.

Next time we will see Ylva grow up and have a brother or sister

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