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Belladonna Wishes - Week 4, Bergros Uni

Last time, the young adults lived at home as teens.

Ida Bergros, Pleasure/Grilled Cheese
Niclas Djurström, Fortune/Grilled Cheese
Oscar Bergros, Fortune/Knowledge
Sally Rörstedt, Fortune/Family

Ida Bergros likes Grilled Cheese, and enjoys talking about it with her brother Oscar and their new dorm mate Niclas

Niclas first wish is to do a uni assignment

Oscar signs up a maid.

Sally is happy to do research with Oscar.

Oscar and Ida are social with each other

Niclas wished for a drum kit and then to play it

Luckily, there are three GC sims on this lot, so there’s always someone to talk to about it.


Sally wished to be friends with Niclas.

And a study session with Oscar

Ida wants to be a member of the Greek House, and succeeds

Oscar and Ida want to serve food

Niclas likes to eat Grilled Cheese. Pro tip: Make the sim put down the meal after each bite, then the next bite registers as another GC. Very handy.

Niclas and Oscar write their term papers.

Ida wants a party

Sally wants to talk to Christer Gieke.

Then she wants to declare a major in Biology and History. Pro tip in these situations: Lock one, choose the other first, then the next. Then cash in 2*2.500 points.

This challenge is not about big points though, but of many.

Sally writes her term paper too

Antoher popular activitiy that most of the sims do at least once a day is to perform for tips. It’s hard to take pictures of, becasuse, the wish point come after they have emptied the jar and stand straight up in front of the drum kit.

Otherwise we have a lot of “Talk about hobby” , “Play with…” and “Eat Grilled Cheese” which is easy.

The hard part is “Win cooking/game/dance competition”. Those wishes do not roll away when shifting lots, so sometimes we’re stuck on them and cannot fulfil the day’s wants.

The best part is when the same activity gives wishes for more than one sim at a time.

One wish that we rarely see here, but otherwise is common in Uni is “Go on date”. Ida wishes for it sometimes.

That is an easy way to get many wishes in fast. And the “buy…” wishes, if the money is available.

Sally is a studious young woman and rarely wishes for other things than school related

Oscar is more Fortune related

The drums are constantly in use

Occasionally a term paper is written

Ida fulfilled her “3 first dates” wish with Niclas, but keeps it platonic, since they have no attraction towards each other whatsoever.

Sally writes her term paper

Niclas eats Grilled Cheese

Oscar talks about hobbies

Sally and Niclas become best friends

Sally wants to win a dance competition. Oscar takes her to the hobby lot, since she strangely enough doesn’t have her own membership card. Even more amazingly, she wins!

Then another session of performing for tips

Niclas has become a bit soft around the middle from all the Grilled Cheese. He still gets his wishes from school work.

And grilled Cheese

The girls hang out for once.

Then Ida wants a random date again. She knows this guy since a long time, but her dirty joke make them fall out of their friendship

Oscar maxes his Creativity skill

Sally convinces Ida’s date to clean for them

Grilled Cheese and music continues to be the focus of the house. The hobby lady comes by with a genie lamp as reward for their hobbies!

Oscar makes a wish for riches, and after that, everybody can get their “buy, buy, buy" wishes satisfied.

Sally invites her parents over, and by that the week is over.

It was a very drama free week for being Uni. The sims were pretty easy to keep happy, expect when they had a combination of “Win x/y/z competition” plus “Earn x simoleons”

Next – The Bergros elders

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