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Victoria Supersim - Week 40 - Surgeon

Last time, we thought would be the last, but Victoria did not win the competition at NerdCon. She did max her DJ skill though. Gustav, her grandson, died. Many holidays were celebrated and in the end Lars and Victoria got married.

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Five-star celebrity

Completed careers: Painter, Criminal, Culinary, Entertainment, Tech Guru, Actress, Gardener, Professor
Youth elixirs: 9
Current career: Medicin
Missing aspirations: City Native
Missing skills: Robotics

Victoria lives in apartment with her husband Lars. The tag on the household is incorrect, since they both are named Sjögren by now.

Victoria works on her last skill – Robotics – at campus.

And all of a sudden, without any message whatsoever, the skill is maxed out. The only thing we’ll have to do now is waiting for the next NerdCon.

We do have work though. And there we need to deliver a baby to be promoted, but there are not pregnant sims coming in.

So instead we try to focus on Lars’ aspiration

He wants to be a Painter Extraordinaire.

Midsummer is celebrated at grand-daughter Maria’s house, so that we can have a barbecue.

Dinner and drinks!

Back at work we still wait for that illusive delivery

And Lars paints

It’s neighbourhood brawl day, so Lars and Victoria fight each other, which is the point. Then they hug and are friends, but they still get bad sentiments.

After a mutual apology they are back to their normal Deep Connection.

Fittingly enough, it’s time for the Romance festival

They both get the T-shirt before they go home.

And yet another youth elixir is on the agenda.

And another make-over.

Back at work again

And finally – a pregnant sim!

The delivery is a success, but Victoria did not get to see the baby. Disappointment!

But it did the trick and now Victoria is promoted to level 9 in the Medicin career and is a Surgeon.

Back home, Lars (!) gets a call that Maria, Victoria’s grand-daughter died.

That means that only Cecilia is left

And by that the week is over. Next time, we hope for NerdCon!

Tags: sims 4, supersim challenge, victoria sjögren

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