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Victoria Supersim - Week 39 - The Last Hurdle

Last time, Victoria and Lars moved in to their new apartment in San Myshuno. Victoria finally got rid of her juice enthusiast quirk and worked hard both as a doctor and as a veterinarian. Winterfest was celebrated with the whole family. Victoria maxed the Veterinarian skill. Lars asked Victoria to marry him on New Year’s Eve. She said yes of course!

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Five-star celebrity

Completed careers: Painter, Criminal, Culinary, Entertainment, Tech Guru, Actress, Gardener, Professor
Youth elixirs: 9

Current career: Medicin
Missing aspirations: City Native
Missing skills: Robotics, DJ

Victoria lives in an apartment in San Myshuno with her fiancé Lars.

She works on her DJ skill every available hour.

But the first day of spring is also Easter Monday, so, the family is invited over and we have a nice Easter luncheon.

Then back to the DJ booth where she maxes the skill

Lars has some success as well.

Back to the hospital

Then we get a message that NerdCon is in town. Drop everything!

Focused and happy she enters the competition

And she does NOT win!!!!! Nooooooo!!! We thought this would be the last episode of this challenge, but we now realize that it will be at least two more weeks, since Nerdcon comes only every two weeks… On the other hand, the apartment is not worth §100.000 yet either, so we have that to work towards as well.

We also have the Robotics skill left. And it takes ages

Back home, Victoria gets a call that Gustav, her grandson, is dead. This challenge really takes time!

She now has only two grand-daughters left.

And Lars of course. He probably needs to start taking youth elixirs if the two of them will have a chance of starting a new family when the challenge is over.

He works hard on his painting. And the apartment has a stunning view!

Victoria invests in some art as well, and now the apartment is worth 100.000. Only thing left in the aspiration is to win the competition at NerdCon.

Back to work. Another succesful surgery.

And she’s promoted to Specialist.

She enjoys the TV season premiere with Lars

And then they go to the spice festival and buy the T-shirts.

From there it’s straight to Love Day.

And then Valborg. There are so many holidays in spring!

They have a great time with the family!

So they decide then and there that they will get married

It’s a great party!

Lars is an unemployed actor, who is a Childish, Cat Loving Bookworm.

After the wedding, Victoria decides to take Lars’ last name.

Then it’s back to every day life

And by that the week is over. The only things missing is Robotics and NerdCon. Stay tuned!

Tags: sims 4, supersim challenge, victoria nyberg, victoria sjögren

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