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Victoria Supersim - Week 38 - Engaged Veterinarian

Last time, Victoria moved in to a giant empty house and found that skating is not an individual skill. She also found that she cannot learn DJ-ing at the nightclub. She worked on her yoga skill and her rocket science and maxed both skills. She wrote a reasearch report and maxed the Research and debate skill. Lars moved in and they bought a veterinarian clinic together. She donated to a protester and reached another milestone in the City Native aspiration.

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Five-star celebrity

Youth elixirs: 9 

Completed careers: Painter, Criminal, Culinary, Entertainment, Tech Guru, Actress, Gardener, Professor             
Current career: Medicin

Missing aspirations: City Native
Missing skills: Veterinarian, Robotics, DJ

We start off the week with another move for Victoria and Lars The City Native aspiration requires that we live in an apartment.

An apartment that is worth 100.000, no less! Victoria alread mastered the singing skill. And finally we need to win a competition at Nerdcon. Which we need to wait for.

First things first. They buy a bubble blower and tries it out.

The kitchen is colourful, yet dull. The chairs don’t really fit here, but who cares!

The DJ booth is put to good use, but the walls are very bare

That’s better!

Back to work. Omar is a paparrazzo that flirted with Victoria at some point. Or if it was the other way atound.

Victoria still gets angry at work since she cannot drink. J68 really beleives she doesn’t like her job. And should do somethig anout her drinking problem.

There we go – a quirk-be-gone and everything is fine. If it only was that easy IRL.

Now the work is so much easier!

And she gets promoted to Doctor. Not sure that is how it works IRL either…

One advantage with not having to sleep is that she can go straight to the vet clinic after work.

It’s so much easier to diagnose animals than sims. You always get the right result here. This dog is healthy.

This one has swamp jaws, whatever that is. Lars is here as well, taking charge of the cleaning.

We really don’t have a good reputation, but Victoria’s Veterinarian skill is increasing, which is the whole point.

Human doctor again. Seems to be a flu epidemic going on.

To get promoted, she needs to do three succesful surgeries, but they are rare. One down though.

Cecilia is sick today! Doesn’t seem to be anything alarming though.

Back home, she’s playing doctor with Lars.

”Let me feel your temperature. You’re very hot!”
”I’m sure I have a fever, let’s get to bed and I’ll give it to you too!”

Then some energetic DJ-ing. She gets up to level 5 before it’s time to do something else.

Winterfest! Decorating the tree in their pyjamas, that is what happens IRL in j68’s house as well.

The guests are here, cousins Cecilia and Gustav come first.

Victoria prepares the grand meal, now in a party outfit.

When it’s time for the presents, Maria has arrived too. This is all that is left of Victoria’s family – Lars and three grandkids.

And the holiday is complete when everybody gets presents from Kung Bore.

Back to the vet clinic, which has been spruced up. We got some feedback that the decor could be better, so we got some carpets and flowers.

At the hospital, everything is the same. Very hard to get promoted when nobody needs surgery.

Home for a quick romance session with Lars. His quilt slippers are amazing, never saw that before!

At the vet clinic that night Victoria maxes her Veterinarian skill, and we will never have to go back here again.

Instead she can concentrate on DJ-ing and Robotics.

However, now it’s New Year’s Eve. Let’s celebrate!

Victoria’s resolution is to get promoted, and Lars’ is to increase a skill level.

They have a nice breakfast together. Victoria takes a drink for breakfast. Hopefully it’s cranberry juice. Only.

Then back to the bar. It’s fantastic weather, the sun shines through the panoramic windows. And look at the view – snowclad mountain tops!

In the afternoon the grandkids arrive for the festivities.

The hosts have gotten dressed and are ready for the party. Lars reads some poetry to Victoria.

Then he gets down on one knee and proposes to her!

She says yes of course!


It was a perfect New Year’s Eve! Back to the DJ booth.

Back to the hospital

And back to the robotics studies.

It’s New Skill day, but the game does not recognize Visctoria’s efforts in the Robotics skill. Lars gets the holiday in with painting though.

And there the week is over. Robotics and DJ-ing are the only remaining skills, so we will see a lot of that next time. And hopefully Nerdcon will be in town.

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