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Victoria Supersim - Week 37 - Maxing Skills

Last time, Victoria started the Wellness skill and had good progress. She treated her sick grandchildren in her medical career. She was invited to the humor festival and reached a milestone in the City Native aspiration. Victoria celebrated Midsummer at Maria’s house. At the romance festival she kissed Lars and got some more progress in the City Native aspiration. She struggled hard to become Friend of the Animals and eventually suceeded, giving her the Animal whisperer trait

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Five-star celebrity

Completed careers: Painter, Criminal, Culinary, Entertainment, Tech Guru, Actress, Gardener, Professor

Youth elixirs: 8

Current career: Medicin

Missing aspirations: City Native

Missing skills: Research and debate, Rocket science, Veterinarian, Robotics, DJ, Wellness, Skating?

Victoria lives alone in a giant house in Willow creek, just since this morning

The house is completely empty, but she brought her football.

After doing some research, we find that skating might be a skill, but it isn’t. It seems to be part of Fitness, and Victoria finished that a long time ago.

Then we go to the nightclub to see if she can do a DJ gig there, but she can’t, she can only watch.

But the kids are here, and an ancestral mother.

Back home for some yoga in the light of a rare Easter egg.

And here’s the reason why Victoria needed a big lot – the rocket needs to fit!

The most essential piece of furniture, the bar, is in place.

And so are her flea market finds.

After a boring day at work, she gets promoted to (real) nurse.

She invites Lars over to have some fun, but he’s bored as well.

”Come on Lars, I got a bed just for you, I’ll show you some fun!”

Back to work, where she gets called to a house call. She needs to examine and treat three sims in the same household.

Back to work, where she gets called to a house call. She needs to examine and treat three sims in the same household.

Back home, Lars waits for her with a glass of wine and suggests they try that bed again.

Since she doesn’t sleep, Victoria practices yoga until dawn and maxes the Wellness skill. Check!

It’s harvest fest!

Victoria invites Lars and the kids for the festivities. The SimGodess does have a plan for Lars and Victoria when she’s done supersimming.

But for now, let’s have the grand meal at the new dining table with hand painted chairs!

Harvest fest was a success, now back the rocket science

And we’re done! It’s not brain surgery you know! Check!

Since we don’t need it anymore, the rocket is donated to a fan.

Next, we’re back at campus, but not to stay.

No, we’re here to reasearch robotics, maybe we can get two skills at once?

However, people keep interupting her. Don’t know why this girl is so angry

Friday night she goes out with Lars, but due to her bad mood she’s snapping at him, making him uncomfortable. Her juice addiction is starting to become annoying.

After a drink, she’s energized, and they try the curry at the spice festival

Back home, she gives him a key. Long overdue, really!

Despite her childishness, Victoria has zero days until aging.

Time for a youth elixir and a random makeover.

Time for a youth elixir and a random makeover.

Three hours later she’s sad because she wants a drink

An by noon she’s enraged. It most certainly affects her work performance.

It’s the All Saints day and Victoria lights some candles for the dead

Then she starts writing a research report

And the skill is finalized and she gets 706 simoleons for the report! Check!

Oh no, Kjell and Mats, the twin grandkids are dead from old age!

That really gets to Victoria (and the SimGodess), so she invites Lars to move in with her. He says yes!

He brings a little bit of money, so they decide to start  a veterinarian clinic in Willow Creek.

If we remember correctly, this house has been the home of the 100 baby family, long before Victoria was born. It might even have been the very first house!

The waiting room looks fantastic!

But then Victoria gets invited to the flea market. It’s in San Myshuno and we need to meet some protesters somehow, for the City Native aspiraion.

So much people and they all think about Victoria.

Let’s buy this light!

She finds a snowglobe in a box with free stuff. Then she hears that there is a protest going on in the fashion district (SimGodess googled how to find them and found a schedule)

And look, there she is! All alone, the poor thing.

”Here, have some money for the cause!”

Yay, milestone!

That’s cause for celebration! Next, we need to move back to an apartment worth 100.000 simoleons and win a competition at NerdCon. But that needs to wait until next week, because now the week is over!

After 37 weeks Victoria has 38 skills, whereof 3 remain to complete, and one aspiration to complete. It’s closing in!

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