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Sims 3 - My Simself Legacy - Week 1

Haven't we all done it?

Week 1 – Sunday
Well, here we go. This is me. My simself. This is a very characteristic picture, closed eyes and doing awkward faces when the camera is nearby.

My simself is named Mia, it’s my nickname. Only in official terms my name is Maria. At work and such.

Mia has a really nice place to live, surrounded by mountains and with a fishable pond by the waterfall, and some trees nearby.

Mia is a Light-sleeping Flirty Bookworm and a Hydrophobic Natural cook. Her lifetime want is to become “The Culinary Librarian”, thus learning every recipe there is. Right now she’s also wishing for a job in health care, which is not characteristic. I think we will try a route in business instead, just for making the money to pay the bills.

“This is one impressive office building!” Mia says to herself, enters, and accepts a position as coffee boy.

Then off to the bookstore, to pick up something to read, including a batch of recipes.

Back home, Mia finds that her remote pond has a visitor. Her name is Pauline and she seems ok. She seems to like Mia a lot...

Pauline seems to enjoy cooking, too. Maybe we have friends potential here. Pauline is ambitious and loves the outdoors, and she works in the Music business.

Mia meets Hank by the pond, too. Hank is a charismatic talker (or whatever the term might be in English) and he works in the Police force.

Now, time to build a house. This is my parents’ cabin. Or rather half of it. It’s enough for now.

I’m not sure why the pictures are so dark, it doesn’t look like this in my game. Anyway, as in any cabin, nothing matches, except maybe Mia’s shirt and the blanket.

Ewww!! Mia really needs a proper chair! I would never eat in the bathroom, it’s disgusting!!


While waiting for the pool car, Mia re-reads her only book. She doesn’t have the skill to read the recipes she bought yet. We will not start practizing in the kitchen before we can afford a fire alarm, so the oven went into the family storage.

After her first day of work, Mia is satisfied. Her boss gave her a book as an assignment to read, and there’s a sale at the book store! Could a Monday be better for a bookworm?

Mia is hydrophobic and cries because she had to take a bath – a bit neurotic maybe. There’s a difference between bathing and swimming, Mia!

After her upsetting bath, Mia starts reading her assignment book, and then her colleague Nick calls. “Sorry, Nick I was just going to bed, see you tomorrow in office”
The night pictures do look terrible, as predicted.


Tuesday brings a promotion already for Mia. She’s starting to do some actual work. In the archives, but you have to start somewhere, right?

And it’s only for paying the bills, buying books and a bookcase anyway.

Mia wants to become friends with her boss Thornton, so she invites him over. He’s got fabulous sideburns!

They become friends, and Mia finds that Thornton is married to Morgana. There goes the wish to kiss him! You’ll have to find someone else, Mia!


Wednesday after work Mia wants to take a cooking class, but doesn’t have the money. She ends up in the park instead, playing chess with Victoria Andrews. Stiles McGraw seems to be freaking out over Victoria, I’m not sure why.

Then Mia decides to join an eating contest (!) and wins (!!!) That’s incredibly unlikely, and Leighton Sekemoto seems to think so too.

Then, we can nearly see her heading towards the book store. Of course.


In the morning, she learns to cook waffles, but really has to run to work now!

And in the afternoon, Mia is completely stressed out from work. It’s not fun digging in the archives! I cannot agree more.

She relaxes with watching the cooking channel on the TV she was able to buy from the money she won in the eating contest. Personally I would prefer a computer, but Mia has had wishes for a TV set a couple of times.


Mia decides that showering is not better than bathing, and cries again. Silly simself!

Then she’s learning the recipe for ratatouille and is happy again.
After office hours she’s going to the bookstore to buy another cook book, but realizes she doesn’t have the money.

Instead she’s spending the afternoon trying to get to know some men. Gage here is not interested in book and thinks Mia is boring.

He seems to appreciate her flirty side, though. He’s really fit, and Mia compliments him on that. This guy is yummy!


Mia stays at home, reading, on her day off. She also had enough points to choose an award, and picked perceptive. Mia doesn’t roll any wants concerning other people, and no flirty ones, not since she had a desire to kiss Thornton, her married boss.

In the evening she read all her books and went to sell them, and hopefully be able to buy next cookbook. Unfortunately the money wasn’t enough for the book, but a couple of new recipes went into her pockets.

Then she calls to chat a bit with G, and rolls the want to hang out with him. So, she checks his address on the city map and takes a taxi there. G seems not to know what to make of this sudden visit.

He decides it’s a good thing, though, and takes what is offered to him.

Mia even gets so bold as to ask him to go steady.

... and she even ends up spending the night with him.


The next morning Mia and Gage (who will change his name to Gunnar, for autenticity) has breakfast on the patio. It’s a lovely morning, and it’s the start of a long and hopefully happy life together for the young couple.

Then he follows her home and they continue where they started yesterday. Mia has now found that Gunnar is Good, Unlucky and Loves the Outdoors. I would also guess he’s Athletic, judging from what he looks, but that remains to be seen.

They also use a lot of time to get to know each other better. Mia finds that Gage, I mean Gunnar, is a Computer Whiz.

And there the first week is over, and it remains to be seen what happens. I really do apologize that the pictures are so dark, I don't know what to do about it.

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