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Victoria Supersim - Week 31 - Life Changer

Last time, Victoria re-entered the Actress career. She reached a milestone in the Friends of Animals aspiration and completed the Successful Lineage and gained the Vicarious trait when Karin reached the top of the Critics career. She completed the Master Actress aspiration and got the World-renowned Actress trait. She maxed the bowling skill and got the quirks fan mail and juice enthusiast. She went back to the gardener career. Maria grew up to young adult.

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Five-star celebrity

Acquired traits: Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted, Mentally gifted, Good Manners, Expressionistic, Player, Natural Leader, Piper, Professorial, Shrewd, Mastermind, Long lived, Tormentor, Companion, Loved, Elixir Master, Fresh Chef, Master Melter, Role model, Angler’s Tranquility, Naturalist, Handy, Survivor, Appraiser, Webadmin, Poetic, Thrifty, Unstoppable Fame, Matriarch, Hilarious, Vicarious, World-renowned Actress

Reward traits: Free service, Seldom Sleepy, Beguiling, Carefree, Creative Visionary, Observant, Cold Acclimation, Supergreen thumb, Entrepreneurial, Waterproof, Frugal, Phenomenally Fresh, Connections, Heat Acclimation, Incredibly Independent, Savant, Professional Slacker, Fast reader, Hardly Hungry, Fertile, Great Kisser, Antiseptic, Heat Resistant, Steel Bladder, Shameless, Incredably Friendly, Ice Resistant, Grillmaster, Curator, Night owl, Morning sim, Forever Full, Independent, Mentor, Great Storyteller, Speed Cleaner, Storm Chaser, Gym Rat, Always Welcome, Never Weary

Completed aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire, Serial Romantic, Leader of the Pack, Musical Genius, Renassaince Sim, Fabulously Wealthy, Public Enemy, Bodybuilder, Chief of Miscief, Soulmate, Friend of the World, Mixologist, Master Chef, Grilled Cheese, Angler, Freelance Botanist, Nerdbrain, Outdoor Enthusiast, Computer Whiz, Bestselling Author, Mansion Baron, World-Famous Celebrity, Big Happy Family, Jokestar

Completed careers: Painter, Criminal, Culinary, Entertainment, Tech Guru, Actress

Youth elixirs: 6

Current career: Gardener

Victoria lives in Brindleton Bay with her daughter Karin, granddaughter Maria, Maria’s father Alexander and the dogs Hertigen and Delilah.

The first thing that happens is that Karin grows up to elder.

We have installed Uni on this machine and Victoria applies both for admission and for scolarships.

A trip to the pet cemetary to play with ghost pets fail. Not a ghost in sight.

With dawn breaking Easter starts and Victoria decides to go to Kaj’s house

The whole clan is invited and Victoria starts off the festivities with a youth elixir.

She prepares the grand meal of fish while the others hunt for eggs.

They all have a very nice time until Karl draws his last breath and dies in his brother’s house!

Victoria tries to beg for him
”He’s my baby!”
But the grim reaper doesn’t listen

So, Karl is really dead.

Victoria has already since berfore thought that she needs to move on in life, and now when her children start growing old and die of old age, it is really time to get started.

She invites Kabir, the beefcake she met at the bowling alley. It feels comforting that he’s named Kabir. Let’s pretend he’s a reincarnation of her true love.
Please ignore that we have a romantic relationship with Eva Eriksson, it sometimes happens that fans flirt with Victoria and she always falls in love with them, by accident.

Kabir seems to be thrilled to be here, but yet uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s because of the paparazzi

They take it inside and Victoria gives Kabir a gift.

”Cool, a money fruit! Here’s a rose for you!” Time to progress into a date

We take our date to the pet cemetary. Very romantic indeed. Look, a ghost dog!

Now play with it!

And another one, so that the first activity of this level of the aspiration is done.

The date is still progressing, but Victoria has an emotion bomb coming up due to Karl’s death. Despite it all, Easter was great and the New Year’s resolution to get a partner fulfilled!

Victoria is happy after the succesful holiday and continues with getting to know pets. The annoying interactions that take forever leaves her hysterical. Better go home and calm down.

But it’s too late, Victoria dies!! Her family is by her side.

Maria begs for her young grandmother’s life

And it works! Grim raises Victoria again.

Thank you Maria!

Thank you, Grim! This could have been the end to the Supersim challenge, but now we can continue.

But this with the pets will probably take even longer now, we’re a bit cautious…

The brush with death also gets Victoria to take care of other things.

She finally ends her romantic relationship with Kabir, Karin’s father.

And she checks her university application and sees she can study whatever she wants. What does she want?

She chooses Foxbury and a distinguished degree in psychology with an extra course as a veterinarian. She chooses to stay home, since she’s still in the gardener career that we need to finalize. The total tuition minus scolarships adds up to a whopping 63§. We take that out of the household funds of 328 210§.

She immediately starts studying and acquires the Research&Debate skill.

Now we have a LOT of things to do – taking care of dogs, flower arranging and studying. Good, it has been a bit slow lately. Apart from that time when we died…

Now the twins are old too!

We DID have a lot to do lately, we forgot the make-over that is due with every youth elixir. This is the new hair, but it’s different with many outfits, as you’ll see later. It’s medium length though.

Grim is back, to pick up Alexander, Maria’s father. Nobody cares, he was already like a ghost in this house, meaning ignored.

Back to studying! Victoria acquires the veterinarian skill

First milestone!

A game to celebrate! Since Victoria’s needs are decaying so slowly, she needs to fulfill one need every five days or so. That’s why she has so much time for studying and working

And thanks to all skills she’s got, she receives a lot of scolarships. She doesn’t need them right now, but we have plans for when she finalizes the Gardener career.

The pet aspiration is on the backburner, but now and again she works on that one too.

She also has time to meet Kabir occasionally

The paparazzi can confirm that Victoria takes her education seriously and even studies in the bar.

On Valborg morning she sings everybody a song before heading home.

Camp fire and fireworks to complete the holiday

Hey, too much fire for Karin!!

Flower arranging in different outfits

Keeping fit

Summer is here and Victoria works hard on her first psychology presentation

And she goes to guest lectures, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to give any skills.

Still working on the pet aspiration, but no new traits this week, still 77.

And 33 skills whereof 28 completed and two new.

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