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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Vänner (Friends)

Last time Max got a secondary aspiration of Fortune and flirted with Roxie Skarp. Matte played chess, met Tove Djurström and got a secondary aspiration of Popularity. The friends partied and played games. They got a new bird they called Ghost 2.

Matt Indie, Family/Popularity
Max Flex, Popularity/Fortune

We start off this week with the friends spending time together outdoors. They seem to have different opinions on what type of clothing is needed this cool spring night.

Matte invites his girlfriend Tove over to get some wishes

Max gets his wishes from his friend.

Darts is a popular activity as well

Playing with each other and the still alive parrot.

Matte becomes best friends with Roxie-Lill, one of the uni babies

There is not a lot of action this week…


Glen Nyman is one of the guests

And so is Roxie Skarp

Back to the dartboard

Max has more wishes for Roxie

And Matte invite Rosie Strand

Time for a new parrot. They are really much too delicate, especially compared to womrats that seem to live forever.

Darts! And someone cleaned the bathroom, yay!

Max invites Edvin Skarp, Roxie’s brother, who left uni and now works in the medical career.

Inviting people over

Becoming friends over the phone

Meeting new people online

And having guests. They are very sociable, our boys!

Toga party!

Ghost 3 gets some attention

And Matte gets a big boost when he becomes best friends with Rosie.

And small wishes from each other

The week ends with another game of red hands, now with Karina Ottomas.

It was a perfect week for our boys, mainly because they love playing red hands, and that is easy when there are two sims in the house. The week was very calm though, and no scandals despite a couple of parties.
And that’s the end of week three for Belladonna wishes!

Tags: belladonna wishes, flex, indie, vänner

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