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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Wipper

Last time, Sigrid got a secondary aspiration of Family. Little Sigrid was born and grew up to toddler. The family got a cat. Kuno flirted outside the marriage as usual but got caught when Sigrid came home fired. Sigrid started flirting outside the marriage too and Kuno was upset.

Kuno Wipper, Romance
Sigrid Wipper, Romance/Family
Sigrid Wipper, toddler
Dino, the cat

Sigrid gets her first wish by inviting to a party.

Kuno gets his first by other means

Then he invites someone to join the party

Little Sigrid gets her first wish when mama plays with her.

Kuno gets a secondary aspiration of Knowledge.

Sigrid learns to speak

Just before she grows up well to child.

She becomes friends with her father

Kuno and Sigrid get a lot of wished from dating each other

Little Sigrid loves to hang out in the bathroom, which someone actually cleaned.

She is happy to learn to study

She likes to play with her mother

She likes to play chess

And when we buy a lamp we can even see her.

Kuno teaches Dino the right stuff

And Sigrid the wrong

The romancers are easy to keep in platinum.

Little Sigrid invites Samanta Ottomas over after school.

The girls have a lot of fun together.

The parents date

But sometimes they are spending time with their daughter.

Sigrid meets someone new

And Kuno cooks

Kuno meets someone new too

Sigrid has good grades


Sigrid becomes best friends with BJ.


Sigrid and Sigrid hang out in the bathroom, the smallest room in the house.

When spring comes, Sigrid becomes best friends with Samanta.

Big Sigrid becomes friends with her workmate Maud.

Little Sigrid grows up well to teen, and thereby the week is over!

It was a good week for the whole family, except for little Sigrid on Saturday, when she was in a bad mood and we couldn’t afford to buy something fun for her. The parents were really easy as soon as any one of them wished for a date.

Tags: belladonna wishes, sims 2, wipper

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