j68_challenges (j68_challenges) wrote,

Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Vandrare

This is a new family that came with the Ultimate Collection pack.

Tindra Vandrare, Popularity, LTW Celebrity Chef
Tobias Vandrare, Knowledge, LTW Criminal Mastermind
Tina Vandrare, child

First things first. The family  is moved in to a new house in Belladonna and they start bonding.

The parents are flirting

The neighbours are invited in and Tina gets to know Mats Picaso Jr.

Tobias gets a huge boost from getting Tina into private school.

Tindra likes toast.

Tina skips until she gets a body point

Tindra arranges a daytime dance party

Tobias is back from work and works on his charisma skill.

And then he helps Tina with her homework.

Tindra is pregnant!

Pyjama date!

When daylight comes, Tobias starts to clean. It’s really needed!

Tindra and Tina become best friends

But Tina also wants other friends

Here comes little brother Tobias Jr!

Tina wants body points and sandwiches

And Tobias wants creativity.

Tina wants some skill point as well

And she becomes friends with Albin Larsson

She still loves her sandwiches.

Sunday is skill day for the parents

And friends day for Tina. And thereby the week is over.

The week felt pretty successful for this new family, but the score is not great. Of course, Tobias Jr drags it down since he became a toddler only on Sunday evening. We didn’t even get a picture.

Tags: belladonna wishes, sims 2, vandrare

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