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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Skarp

As we just saw, Edvin was expelled from uni and now starts his own lot.

Edvin Skarp, Knowledge, LTW Media Magnate

Edvin moves in to a completely empty lot.

But he quickly builds a basic shack without windows and takes in his nieces to foster them while their parents are still in uni.

Roxie-Lill Skarp, toddler
Ann-Catrin Skarp, toddler

Ann-Catrin learns to talk.

The shed is cold and dark, but Edvin keeps the girls dressed, fed and entertained. They have a better environment here than at uni!

After a while Edvin can even afford lights for the shack.

The little family doesn’t have much, but the girls’ development is good.

Day and night they are playing with their pedagogic toys.

After a while Edvin has time to think about himself for a bit and invites some friends over.

Katja is quickly becoming more than a friend.

And it’s time to grow up the girls!

As expected they grow up well.

Edvin gets wishes in by cooking for them

The girls become good friends.

Edvin has time to invite Katja over again

Roxie and Jonny come over one evening to see their girls all grown.

The house is still pretty bare, but we have big plans. As soon as Edvin gets a better job, he’s struggling as an ambulance nurse.

We have already started to fit windows!

And all of them enjoy skilling, sitting on their new red dining chairs. Just missing a table.

Sometimes they just play around

Saturday, Edvin takes the girls to the pool. It’s a habit since Mattsmyra to do outings on Saturday.

Unfortunately Edvin loses his job. We will continue to struggle for a while.

However dates are for free!

Even engagement and marriage are, even though the bills on the desk are very much due.

“THAT was a great date!” And now we have some money.

Sunday the parents are invited again

And the new Mrs Skarp is happy to meet them.

And we finish off this week with Katja serving dinner for her new family while wishing for a baby of her own.

It went pretty well for the small family despite their starter home. It could have been better though. Very happy that Edvin found a Family wife though, he could need someone to take care of him for a change.

Tags: belladonna wishes, sims 2, skarp

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