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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Skarp Uni

Last time, Jonny and Roxie had a hot relationship and arranged a lot of parties. Roxie accidently got pregnant and gave birth to twins Roxie-Lill and Ann-Catrin who grew up to toddlers.
Edvin skilled and studied and served an occasional meal. Jonny and Roxie got a secondary aspirations of Pleasure.
All of them ended up in academic probation. Jonny and Roxie because they didn’t study and Edvin since he missed the final exam. Since they didn’t get any scolarships they didn’t pay the bills and the repo man came.

Edvin Skarp, Mathematics Sophomore (academic probation), Knowledge
Jonny Stark, Philosophy Junior (academic probation), Romance/Pleasure
Roxie Skarp, Psychology Junior (academic probation), Romance/Pleasure
Roxie-Lill Skarp, toddler
Ann-Catrin Skarp, toddler

Edvin gets a wish for a skill point, but he actually wishes for a maid!

Problem is that the household has a collected fortune of 22§. Edvin who studies math should be able to calculate that they will not be able to pay her bill. On the other hand, he’s failing his studies.

For Roxie and Jonny love is enough.

This is not the best environment for the toddlers, but Edvin teaches Roxie-Lill to talk, so she thrives.

Disaster strikes when first the repoman and then the maid are stripping the house of stuff.

Edvin learns cooking and a recipe for a good salad.

Jonny gives some attention to his girls.

Despite his studying, Edvin misses the exam – again – and is therefor expelled from uni. Poor Knowledge sim! But he grows up well nevertheless.
He moves back to Belladonna and will take his nieces with him. We will see the rest of their week there.

Our immature parents are unphased that their children have been taken away. Not that they have been taken by the authorities, but anyway.

They hang out a lot with their campus friends.

Unlike Edvin, they both made it to the exams and are now Seniors.

Roxie is getting better at guitar playing.

Jonny is very social and arranges parties almost every day.

Roxie is surprisingly showing a more serious side at times.

But she is first and foremost a romance sim, so when a new three-bolter shows up, he gets her attention.

Life in the house is becoming crazy

Jonny has a few three-bolters as well

In between their flirting with others, their own relationship remains strong

Jonny dates Karina Ottomas

And Roxie dates Bill Krantz.

And while Bill is still there, they date each other.

Bill doesn’t let himself get brushed off

But Jonny gets his too.

And we end this week with both inhabitants exploring their options.

Letting two romancers loose in uni gives some serious fulfilling of wishes. Not a perfect score though, but pretty funny to not think about the consequences. Which surprisingly were none!
Tags: belladonna wishes, sims 2, skarp

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