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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Roslund

Last time, Cyd got his job back and managed to get some wishes in. He dated a couple of ladies, but not Lisa Ramirez, even though he’s got chemistry with her.

Cyd Roslund, Knowledge/Family, LTW Criminal Mastermind

When we open the lot, Cyd has a lady visitor with two bolts!

Her name is Lilly Dolk and she seems to be quite into him.

Cyd wants some skills,

But he meets Lilly at night

And she’s still here when day breaks

Life is all about Lilly

After a couple of days in the whirlpool of romance, he goes back to his skilling

And to training his dogs. Gardening is not a priority.

Then he spends an afternoon in the park, fishing and playing chess.

Back home, everything is a mess

With nightfall Lilly is back

And this time she’s here to stay!

Since Lilly moved in late Sunday night, we’re not counting her this week. Cyd, being a Knowledge sim is difficult to keep happy, except when his wishes for Lilly come through, then it’s easy!

Tags: belladonna wishes, roslund, sims 2

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