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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Rehnström

Last time, Alfie acquired a secondary aspiration of Pleasure. He tricked his girlfriend into pouring soap in the fountain and generally behaved like a teenager. Baby Valter was born and grew up to toddler. Abbe played music and video games and flirted on the side. Abbe and Emelie got secondary aspirations of Popularity and Fortune.

Abbe Rehnström, Romance/Popularity
Alfie Westlinger, Fortune/Pleasure
Emelie Rehnström, Family/Fortune
Valter Rehnström, toddler

Alfie gets his first wish by giving financial advice online.

Baby Valter gets his by talking to his mother Emelie

It seems that she is pregnant. Didn’t expect that when we saw the tense family portrait!

Abbe meets someone new online

Emelie’s first wish is to play with Valter, and he gets a wish from it too.

Abbe must have been naughty. He is not friends with his wife, but he’s working on amends

And it seems to be working.

Alfie is happy to have made loads of money

He celebrates with a drum session.

Emelie is promoted, and pregnant, as suspected.

Time for Valter to grow up, and he is happy to grow up well.

Time for some skilling

And some screen time

The ballet bar is usable even for pregnant sims.

Emelie serves dinner and Abbe plays the base guitar.

The married couple has made up for the time being, but it seems that Emelie has been naughty as well. Is it Abbe’s baby?

Right now we have married bliss though.

Alfie has a girlfriend as well, but he rarely wishes for her, poor Lovisa. However, the SimGodess has decided that before this week is over he will marry her, whether he likes it or not. She has wanted to be engaged to him since their first date.

Alfie: “How about some chess by myself instead?”

The house is infested with cockroaches due to a big pile of trash on the back porch, but since nobody takes care of the root problem, or wishes for a maid or pest control, the situation continues.

Valter is a good boy who likes to do his homework.

He randomly becomes BFFs with Emelie while on the toilet,

And he gets a skill point for cleaning.

Abbe meets someone new again

Alfie and Emelie bonds in the still infested back room.


It’s a Valter clone baby boy who gets the name Alfons, after Alfie. We can determine that Abbe is indeed the father.

Finally, an exterminator!

And Abbe is happy to meet her

Luckily for Valter it’s fun to jump rope, and he gets a skill point for it.

How about someone would wish for a maid?

Abbe gets a cooking point

Alfie makes a lot of money from his business tycoon job, but still wants to sell lemonade. His girlfriend Lovisa helps out with the gardening. Thank you! Since no one wishes for a gardener it looks a mess.

Emelie wishes for mechanical skill and unclogs the toilet.

Alfie is back at the chessboard, alone.

Ah, yes, the family has a guinea pig, that we forgot the name of.

Then for some music sessions. The floor is full of piles of dead cockroaches, since no one took care of them after the exterminator was here. So soon we’ll have live ones again.


And chess on Alfie’s part.

Abbe wants a party

The extermination lady is invited, and both Alfie and Abbe engage in activities with her.

Alfie juggles with glasses and plays computer games. Someone eventually picked up the dead roaches.


Then he makes himself useful by teaching Valter to study and brings Alfons to his cake

Emelie wants to celebrate too

Abbe organizes a party and immediately goes to work.

He is very happy to be promoted.

Some wishes fulfilled in the bathroom, including Abbe asking Emelie for a date.

Date activities ensue

Then we focus on Alfons for a while.

Emelie likes to cook for the family

Valter likes music and to play with his father.

Alfons develops well, but it’s hard to take pictures when he plays on the balcony.

Alfie still behaves like a Pleasure sim.

Abbe grows up to elder when he arrives home from work together with a colleague.

Then we force Alfie to invite Lovisa for a date. He IS happy to see her. As mentioned, she’s got a locked wish to get engaged to him.

So he is forced to propose even though he prefers to play red hands.

Then a celebratory dance

The next step is taken immediately. Lovisa likes to have become married to a rich sim.

She is a Family sim and gets a secondary Grilled Cheese aspiration. And they are moved out together and moves in to a house in Bluewater. They will be played again when we get to W.

It was quite easy to keep the family happy, but none of them got a perfect score. It’s becoming too busy with five sims.
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