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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Ramirez

Last time, Checo got a secondary aspiration of Romance. Lisa won a cooking contest. Tessa was skilling and was accepted in Private School. By the end of the week she was shipped off to uni.

Checo Ramirez, Fortune/Romance, LTW Business Tycoon
Lisa Ramirez, Knowledge, LTW Chief of Staff

Lisa plays computer games

And she gets a secondary aspiration of Romance.

Her primary knowledge aspiration is strong though, and she likes skilling and watching the stars.

Checo plays chess and earns point from that.

While Checo is at work, Lisa spends her day at the easel.

After work Checo spends the afternoon on the phone. He needs friends for work.

Lisa skills before and after work.

Friends and chess is what Checo focuses on.

Lisa studies.

You could think Checo is a Popularity sim

And then he grows up to elder.

Lisa continues with her series of naivistic paintings

She buys solar panels

And studies in her underwear.

Checo gets another friend

Wow, husband and wife spend time together!

Lisa continues to focus on science and skilling

Even when she grows up to elder she continues unphased.

Checo has found a new interest in music.

So he also wants an MP3-player.

Lisa is an avid gamer nowadays

And there the week ends, without any drama whatsoever. You would think that two secondary romancers would shake things up, but no.

The score is not great either. Since they are getting up to high skills, it takes time to reach a skill point. Just can’t do five skill points a day.

Tags: belladonna wishes, ramirez, sims 2

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