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Victoria Supersim - Week 26 - Gone with the twins

Last time, Victoria reached the Mansion Baron, World-Famous Celebrity and Big Happy Family aspirations and got the traits Thrifty, Unstoppable Fame and Matriarch. Alexander’s wife showed up without making a scene. The family threw parties and Victoria got a milestone in the Party Animal aspiration. Victoria reached the top of the Tech Guru career and started a new one as an Actress. Granddaughter Maria was born and grew up to an Inquisitive toddler. Victoria won an award but couldn’t accept it.

Week 26
Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Five-star celebrity

Acquired traits: Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted, Mentally gifted, Good Manners, Expressionistic, Player, Natural Leader, Piper, Professorial, Shrewd, Mastermind, Long lived, Tormentor, Companion, Loved, Elixir Master, Fresh Chef, Master Melter, Role model, Angler’s Tranquility, Naturalist, Handy, Survivor, Appraiser, Webadmin, Poetic, Thrifty, Unstoppable Fame, Matriarch

Reward traits: Free service, Seldom Sleepy, Beguiling, Carefree, Creative Visionary, Observant, Cold Acclimation, Supergreen thumb, Entrepreneurial, Waterproof, Frugal, Phenomenally Fresh, Connections, Heat Acclimation, Incredibly Independent, Savant, Professional Slacker, Fast reader, Hardly Hungry, Fertile, Great Kisser, Antiseptic, Heat Resistant, Steel Bladder, Shameless, Incredably Friendly, Ice Resistant, Grillmaster, Curator, Night owl, Morning sim, Forever Full, Independent, Mentor, Great Storyteller, Speed Cleaner, Storm Chaser, Gym Rat and Always Welcome, Never Weary

Completed aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire, Serial Romantic, Leader of the Pack, Musical Genius, Renassaince Sim, Fabulously Wealthy, Public Enemy, Bodybuilder, Chief of Miscief, Soulmate, Friend of the World, Mixologist, Master Chef, Grilled Cheese, Angler, Freelance Botanist, Nerdbrain, Outdoor Enthusiast, Computer Whiz, Bestselling Author, Mansion Baron, World-Famous Celebrity, Big Happy Family

Completed careers: Painter, Criminal, Culinary, Entertainment, Tech Guru
Youth elixirs: 5
Current career: Actress

Victoria lives in Brindleton Bay with her daughter Karin, son-in-law Alexander, grand-daughter Maria and sons Karsten and Kaj.

Alexander grows up to adult unceremoniously.

Oldest son Karl invites his mother for breakfast at a restaurant.

Her grandson Mats is there as well

The food is lovely

Then time for work

She talks to some people and then it’s time for the performance

There was no need for any special clothes or make-up for this role apparently

It’s a romantic camping story it seems, and Victoria aces it.

Back home, Kaj has set himself and the barbecue on fire, and Victoria has to put them out.

Karin is promoted.

Victoria’s kind-of girlfriend passes by

And her drone watches her max her programming skill.

She celebrates with making snow angels

Winterfest with dinner party! Christina is here and gets a gift

Victoria thinks it’s great to break off the party duties with building a snowman in her swimsuit.

The grand meal is had

And the tree is decorated

Father Winter comes with gifts for all, also for little Maria.

When the party is over, Victoria maxes her comedy skill. Now we need something new to do with our time between the acting jobs.

So she buys a video station, upgrades it and starts recording videos.

The next day she goes to work in her swimsuit.

This time she gets into costume and make-up to enter the role properly. It’s another success and she reaches the next milestone in her acting aspiration.

At home she practices acting and baking.

Karsten is tense after work and invites his love interest Jonas for some star gazing.

Victoria gets invited to a Girls’ night out, which coincides with the Night on the town holiday.

Karsten and Jonas tag along.

They decide it’s time to move in together. Bye, Karsten!

With his twin out of the house, Kaj decides it’s tme for him as well to make a move.

He has had his eyes on Emma since they were both teens. Now she has grown up to young adult.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Kaj moves fast. Emma accepts his proposal

They immediately arrange an indoor wedding, since it’s freezing outside.

The wedding is finished off with the countdown to the new year.

And then Kaj and Emma move out.

It’s time for Maria to grow up

She becomes a Loner Rambunctious Scamp and is a really cute girl.

Back to work as a Void critter, which Victoria aces as well.

That’s the end of this winter week. Victoria went to the gala, but didn’t receive any prices. However, she’s still got 72 traits, no new this week.

And 27 skills, whereof 22 finalized.

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