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J68 Challenges - The List

Welcome to my nowadays quite extensive site of sims Challenges. Over the years I have tried a lot of challenges and finished some. On this site we use tags, so if you fancy something in particular you can follow them. Here's a list of the challenges that are featured somewhere on the site and their status.

Sims 2 Asylum Challenge - Jinja Asylum, Anastacia - finalized
Sims 2 Asylum Challenge - Jinja Asylum, Amarcord - finalized
Sims 2 Lost Challenge - Lost on Lake Victoria - finalized
Sims 2 Rights of Women challenge - The Swedish Way - incomplete
Sims 2 ISBI Challenge - Modig - incomplete
Sims 3 Legacy Challenge - My Simself Legacy - incomplete
Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge - Motvalls - Incomplete
Sims 2 Wishful Thinking challenge - Belladonna Wishes - ongoing
Sims 3 Completion Challenge - Ewinnerlig - incomplete
Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge - Nyberg - finalized
Sims 4 Supersim Challenge - Victoria - ongoing
Tags: sims 2, sims 3, sims 4

  • Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 6

    Well, Vera did help me to get promoted, but I also did have the qualifications for it. I’m an Executive Chef now, and I’m off work…

  • Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 5

    29 Monday I maxed my cooking skill today, on my last day of adulthood. We’re all turning to elders today. Grace Kiboko is here to…

  • Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 4

    22 Monday Kolya is the third inmate maxing his logic skill in this institution. The chess board must be the best invention in the Simiverse.…

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