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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Pohlman

This is a new lot, named after Fabian Pohlman.

Pohlman University
Ann-Catrin Pilrud, Romance/Pleasure, LTW Hall of Famer
Fabian Pohlman, Family, LTW Education Minister
Helena Melin, Grow up

We played this lot before we found the Pilrud family. Since they DO exist in Ann-Catrin’s family tree, we looked harder, and as you have seen, we found them.

Fabian gets a secondary aspiration of Romance. The family/Romance sims are the most conflicted ever. Luckily he doesn’t have the golden anniversary LTW.

Helena is an aged up townie, and she was invited to Uni by Fabian. She comes to uni with a Grow up LTW, so we send her to the Renu-u-orb. She has platinum aspiration

But she still gets the Grilled Cheese aspiration and the LTW to eat 200 grilled cheese.

We immediately give her a secondary aspiration of Popularity.

Ann-Catrin meets someone new to talk to

And then another one.

Then she arranges a party with her two most loved lovers. For some reason we cannot invite more.

She hangs out with Göte, and nothing scandalous is happening.

Fabian and Helena hang out as well.

Helena wants to talk about grilled cheese, but Fabian hates talking about it.

So she makes a batch instead, and eats some. Fabian doesn’t even taste them!

Luckily there are other sims in the dorm to talk to about grilled cheese

In the dorms there is always someone to talk to or play with. It’s easy to keep the sims happy.

Darts and dancing are fun activities

Helena is obsessed with grilled cheese. Her secondary popularity aspiration doesn’t show at all.

Maybe she should prioritize a shower once in a while

Eventually she did shower, and Fabian asked her on a date.

The date goes very well, but right after it ends, Ann-Catrin storms in and accuses Helena of cheating. WHAT?!

Helena doesn’t understand, and neither do we. Let’s have a grilled cheese instead!

Did she have a fling with Fabian at some point?

But Göte is actually her boyfriend, so she finds some comfort in him.

Helena loves to cook grilled cheese for everyone, even for Ann-Catrin.

Talking about it or eating them herself is also great.

Ann-Catrin has smaller wishes of dancing and playing with somebody.

Fabian loves to play darts, and it seems he’s got an admirer.

The first semester goes swimmingly for all three and they get A+ all around

The relationships in the house are still a bit toxic, though, so Ann-Catrin seeks company from the outside

Fabian wishes for a skill point, which will actually help him to be prepared for the highest marks also this semester.

And eventually, Ann-Catrin accepts to talk to Fabian and Helena, even about Grilled Cheese.

The cafeteria worker has not been seen at the dorm since day one, so Helena is always cooking Grilled Cheese for everyone and gets a lot of wish points when they eat them.

Fabian and Helena continue their relationship

But they also spend time with the rest of the people in the dorm.

Grilled Cheese! And nobody ever cleans…

Fabian wishes for a toy making station and gets a big wish in.

And his week is terrific when he finalizes his term paper. We don’t need to worry about his performance in uni!

Ann-Catrin continues to date Göte.

Fabian shows an increasing interest in dorm mate Sonja, and she seems to be very interested in him!

He’s the only one who wishes for skill points.

Helena shows an increasing interest in Jerome, they share the love of Grilled Cheese. Someone cleaned the kitchen and made pancakes!

So Helena needs to make her own grilled cheese

Fabian’s little sister Signe is visiting

His brother BJ is here as well. He doesn’t like grilled cheese either.

Ann-Catrin arranges a party. She’s still furious with Helena, but they are friends again. As you see, the students have completed the first year of uni. Helena and Fabian got A+ marks, but Ann-Catrin only a C, but she’s still here.

And the week ends with Fabian catching up with his father Fabian (!)

Uni is the best place to keep sims happy! They have so much time out of class, so it’s no problem whatsoever to fulfill their wishes.

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