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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Pilrud - We found them!

Last time, parties and dates were had and friends were always invited over. A bird and a guinea pig were acquired. Chess was played. The dog Maggan died. The nanny stole the furniture since she didn’t wait for the parents’ salary to reach the account. Ann-Catrin grew up to a Romance teen and started dating girls. Carl-Anton grew up to child. The kitten Alpha was adopted and grew up to adult. The next kitten, Brutus, was adopted. Then another kitten, but they didn’t have the funds to adopt a fourth until it was too late.

Casper Pilrud, Popularity/Fortune, LTW Celebrity chef
Anna Pilrud, Family/Knowledge, LTW 6 grandchildren
Carl-Anton Pilrud, teen, Pleasure/Romance, LTW 50 dream dates
Alpha, Brutus, Canasta, Delilah - Cats

At some point between week 2 and 3, Ann-Catrin has been recruited to college, so she’s not part of this lot anymore.

Anna gets the first points in by playing with her son.

Casper studies cooking and creativity and is happy with that.

Carl-Anton organizes a party

Casper gets another creativity point

Playing, dancing and hanging out with Helena Melin gives Carl-Anton some more wishes.

Casper becomes friends with his co-worker Maud

The cats get promoted and both Anna and Casper are happy about that.

Smustle, guitar playing and socializing is next on Carl-Anton’s agenda.

Update – we found them! In the same house where they always lived. Must have been blind when checking the first time.

Anna wishes to increase her bodyskill

Casper becomes friends with his workmate Vidar.

Anna grew up well to elder and then continues to increase her bodyskill

Casper likes to play chess

Everybody in the family likes to play music

Carl-Anton wishes for dates every day

This time the girl said no, but that gives him more time to practice music.

And his last wish for today is to use the bubble blower.

The family has four cats, but Anna is obsessed only with Canasta, and want to teach her stuff and praise her.

Casper’s popularity aspiration shines through when he meets new people in chat and arranges parties.

Anna likes music and dance

Carl-Anton invites Marita Blyger for a date.

Dance, music and Canasta for Anna, as every day.

Casper is a gamer, but also often wants to buy stuff, like a bowling lane.

Carl-Anton welcomes the winter with a wish for making a fire.

Him too is obsessed with Canasta. What about the other cats?


The next date with Marita takes their relationship to new levels!

Anna plays music

And talks about it with her family. Casper or Carl-Anton wished for a new stereo

Casper wishes for cooking points so that he can get promoted. Nobody wishes for cleaning points or a maid unfortunately.

Anna praises Canasta for staying off sim beds

And Carl-Anton and Anna have a nice conversation on hobbies

Another date for Carl-Anton. He doesn’t wish for doing homework or getting good grades, so therefor his homework is untouched on the floor.

Casper wishes to give a gift. He’s got a TV in his inventory, so he gives it to Carl-Anton. Great gift! Thanks dad!

And we end this week with Casper, who is obsessed with the cat Delilah, and he teaches her to sit up.

With existing sims it’s much easier to fulfill wants! Casper and Anna were often very tired when they came back from work, and therefor some days were not perfect. Carl-Anton was very easy, since he wished for dates every day.

Tags: belladonna wishes, pilrud, sims 2

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