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Victoria Supersim - Week 22 - Neverending Days

Last time Victoria acquired the rewards traits Forever Full, Independent, Mentor, Great Storyteller, Speed Cleaner, Storm Chaser, Gym Rat and Always Welcome. She reached milestones in Bestselling Author and Joke Star. Her book was nominated for an award but we forgot to go to the ceremony. She reached the top of the Mixologist career and started a new job in entertainment.
Karl and Karin grew up to Creative and Slob teens. Karl worked on his positive traits.

Week 22
Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Five-star celebrity

Acquired traits: Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted, Mentally gifted, Good Manners, Expressionistic, Player, Natural Leader, Piper, Professorial, Shrewd, Mastermind, Long lived, Tormentor, Companion, Loved, Elixir Master, Fresh Chef, Master Melter

Reward traits: Free service, Seldom Sleepy, Beguiling, Carefree, Creative Visionary, Observant, Cold Acclimation, Supergreen thumb, Entrepreneurial, Waterproof, Frugal, Phenomenally Fresh, Connections, Heat Acclimation, Incredibly Independent, Savant, Professional Slacker, Fast reader, Hardly Hungry, Fertile, Great Kisser, Antiseptic, Heat Resistant, Steel Bladder, Shameless, Incredably Friendly, Ice Resistant, Grillmaster, Curator, Night owl, Morning sim, Forever Full, Independent, Mentor, Great Storyteller, Speed Cleaner, Storm Chaser, Gym Rat and Always Welcome

Completed aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire, Serial Romantic, Leader of the Pack, Musical Genius, Renassaince Sim, Fabulously Wealthy, Public Enemy, Bodybuilder, Chief of Miscief, Soulmate, Friend of the World, Mixologist, Master Chef and Grilled Cheese

Completed careers: Painter, Criminal, Culinary
Youth elixirs: 4
Current career: Entertainment

Victoria still lives in Brindleton Bay with her elderly husband Kabir and their four children Karl, Karin, Karsten and Kaj.

Victoria and Kabi rare still very much in love, and Victoria sings him a serenade.

Victoria exchanges some reward points for the only trait she oesn’t have yet – Never Weary. Now she will not need sleep at all.

So she starts again to read up on herbalism at the desk where there’s not a computer anymore. One of her Kleptomaniac ancestors must have stolen it again. Turns out that she can’t learn more herbalism from reading, though, so we’ll have to wait ’til spring to collect more stuff to make potions from.

It’s not very cold yet, so she goes fishing in different places to try to catch the last two unique types of fish, but no luck.

No  luck with finding any more crystals either.

Kabir gets promoted and cooks dinner on the barbecue

Victoria gets promoted as well and chooses the comedy path of the entertainer career.

And we have a milestone in the Joke Star aspiration

Once again Karl asks his mother to sort out the conflict with her arch enemy, and she agrees, again. That gets him up to the potential to get three positive character values

And Victoria gets another milestone in the Successful lineage aspiration.

Then she continues to write good books for the Bestselling Author aspiration

When the family gets home from school, Kabir is found dead on the sidewalk

Victoria’s reaction is a bit late, but after a good cry and a stiff drink she feels better

And then she’s able to comfort her kids and reach the ”maxed parent mode” or whatever it might be called.

In time for the winter fest party everybody is back on track.

It’s also time for the twins’ birthday

Poor Karsten becomes neat in this house full of slobs. Kaj becomes childish, and they’re both party people.

They grow up into slightly different hairstyles, so now we will confuse Karl and Kaj instead, because their hair is exactly the same.

Winterfest celebrations continue

And before the day is over, also Karl grows up, to young adult.

He becomes a Loner like his late father, and he’s got three good character values from his marvellous upbringing – Mediator, Well behaved and Responsible. What a dream man!

By that, Victoria completes the Superparent aspiration and celebrates with a drink!

Then back to writing, supported by the ancestral mothers Linnea and Jaana

She writes a fantasy book and a romance.

Karl is still the tool to fulfill his mother’s aspirations. Now he needs to get married, and we have a candidate in young Malin Roos, but it takes some time.


Writing continues with ghost support. Ghost writers? Vivianne and Thyra are here tonight

It’s one motivatonal book and two crime novels

And another promotion. Victoria, you start to get boring!

Let’s have some romance instead! Karl invites Malin on a romanitc walk in the harbour.

And then a romantic lunch

”Malin, will you marry me?!”

”Sorry, Karl, it’s too soon, let’s take this discussion some other time, ok?”

New Year’s Eve, the brothers make their resolutions

Malin is invited over, to stay. Looking at the siblings up close, Karsten and Kaj are really identical, while Karl has different eyes and face shape. Karin looks a lot like her mother, just darker.

Well, if I can’t have a wife, I at least want a baby, Karl says.

And he succeeds.

”Now when we’re expecting, do you want to be my wife?” (Still New year’s eve, very eventful day)


”Now let’s party!”

The wedding ceremony is awkward to say the least. Victoria watches through the window. It’s freezing outside so the bride and groom wear their outer wear.

Victoria is very annoyed about the whole thing.

But she still gets a milestone in the big Happy Family aspiration

Still New Year’s Eve

Finally countdown!

Three screen plays and a motivational book later, Victoria maxes her writing skill

And when she publishes the plays, she reaches another milestone in the Author aspiration.

By week’s end Victoria has got a whopping 64 traits, whereof Never Weary and Role Model are new.

She’s also got 26 skills, whereof 14 completed. Way to go!

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