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Victoria Supersim - Week 20 - Culinary Acheivements

Last time, Karl and Karin grew up to Glutton children. Karsten and Kaj grew up to Inquisitive toddlers. Victoria reached a milestone in the Grilled Cheese aspiration. She fished a cowberry and planted it. She maxed her Gourmet cooking skill and her celebrity level went down to 4.

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Four-star celebrity

Acquired traits: Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted, Mentally gifted, Good Manners, Expressionistic, Player, Natural Leader, Piper, Professorial, Shrewd, Mastermind, Long lived, Tormentor, Companion, Loved
Reward traits: Free service, Seldom Sleepy, Beguiling, Carefree, Creative Visionary, Observant, Cold Acclimation, Supergreen thumb, Entrepreneurial, Waterproof, Frugal, Phenomenally Fresh, Connections, Heat Acclimation, Incredibly Independent, Savant, Professional Slacker, Fast reader, Hardly Hungry, Fertile, Great Kisser, Antiseptic, Heat Resistant, Steel Bladder, Shameless, Incredably Friendly, Ice Resistant, Grillmaster, Curator, Night owl, Morning sim

Completed aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire, Serial Romantic, Leader of the Pack, Musical Genius, Renassaince Sim, Fabulously Wealthy, Public Enemy, Bodybuilder, Chief of Miscief, Soulmate, Friend of the World
Completed careers: Painter, Criminal
Youth elixirs: 3
Current career: Culinary

Victoria lives in Brindleton Bay with her husband Kabir, adult, and their four kids, Karl and Karin, children and Karsten and Kaj, toddlers.

We start off this week as we ended the next, with Victoria mixing drinks while streaming.

And she reaches the top of the Mixologist aspiration and gets the trait Elixir Master

Then for some lunch and a milestone in the Grilled Chese aspiration

She gets a promotion to Drink Technical manager

And that pushes her up to completing the Master Chef aspiration and gets her the Fresh Chef trait

On to the third Culinary aspiration, Victoria eats a Grilled Cheese sandwich in space.

Meanwhile, Kabir sets the dryer on fire, but takes care of it in a fantastic way.

So Victoria sets out to continue her fishing adventures in pouring rain. Her fans are very interested.

Next day is Midsommar, and a house party is arranged.

Karsten and Kaj grows up to Loner and Insider sims with Rambunctious Scamp and Artistic Prodigy aspirations.

And they still look exactly the same

Victoria and Karin, the only sister, takes a break from the festivities to do some homework.

The party is finished off with double drinks with Victoria’s neice Agneta and her husband Nobuya. They don’t have any children yet.

When Victoria comes home promoted to Drink Master, she’s hit by lightning.

That inspires her to start a photo project and take photos of her whole family

A couple of minutes later Kabir grows up to elder, it’s amazing! With age, he has grown a bit fluffy around the middle!

Karl and Victoria are both studying, in Karl’s case with help from Vivianne, in Victoria’s case it’s Herbalism.

She also does some practical learning.

The maid sets the dryer and himself on fire!

It’s great! We need to talk to Grim about grilled Cheese, and it has not been possible to invite him over, even though Victoria has him in her phone book.

”Hi Grim, have you ever tried a Grilled Cheese with mozzarella?”

And the Grilled Cheese aspiration is completed and Victoria gets the trait Master Melter.



Karl has finalized his childhood aspiration!

Now he needs to reach the range of getting a good trait

Victoria is happy to help him to increase his responsibility

Linnea, the original ancestral mother helps out as well.

Karl becomes responsible and Victoria reaches a milestone in the Superparent aspiration

So now he needs to have three traits, so they work on manners and conflict resolution.

And thereby the week is over. Victoria has 54 traits, whereof three new and 25 skills, whereof 11 completed. She’s also back as a five-star celebrity thanks to her streaming.

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