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Victoria Supersim - Week 15 - Massive Progress

Last time, Agneta grew up to teen. Victoria unlocked the Grilled Cheese aspiration. We celebrated Winterfest with a burnt down tree. Victoria started to learn the piano and mastered it by the end of the week. We learned that writing a song doesn’t count if you’re not in the Musical Genius aspiration, and therefor lost a lot of time. Victoria didn’t win any prize at the awards gala.

Week 15

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Four-star celebrity

Acquired traits: Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted, Mentally gifted, Good Manners, Expressionistic, Player, Natural Leader
Reward traits: Free service, Seldom Sleepy, Beguiling, Carefree, Creative Visionary, Observant, Cold Acclimation, Supergreen thumb, Entrepreneurial, Waterproof, Frugal, Phenomenally Fresh, Connections, Heat Acclimation, Incredibly Independent, Savant, Professional Slacker, Fast reader
Completed aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire, Serial Romantic, Leader of the Pack
Completed careers: Painter
Youth elixirs: 2
Current career: Crime

Victoria lives in Brindleton Bay with her sister Vivianne, Vivianne’s husband Magnus and their daughter Agneta.

The week starts off as the last ended, with writing songs. Finally we’re done with the next milestone in the Musical Genius aspiration.

It’s Easter Monday and spring is here, so it’s time to continue gardening

Mentoring is next on the agenda. Agneta learns to play the piano with the tutoring from her aunt

Musical Genius complete! Victoria earns the trait of ”Piper” in the process.

Kabir calls to ask Victoria on a date. He will be our next focus

They have a strong relationship but a poor fashion sense

They sit down for lunch

Her fans are here

They get excellent service

And BAM – Victoria is a global superstar!

But the main event for today is Kabir. The drone streams while Victoria asks ”Will you marry me?”

He says yes!

No time to waste, a wedding is arranged

The wedding is held at the ruins

It’s a beatuiful evening, a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful couple!

And we have a milestone in the soulmate aspiration!


Victoria entertains the party

And then some private entertainment for her new husband.

After the wedding it’s back to work and back to the Public Enemy aspiration, even though it seems Victoria has started to dream of children. That will have to wait until we have a decent job.

She’s supposed to have 3 declared enemies, so why not start with the closest paparazzi

But more importantly, Kabir needs to move in. We got no automatic question about that, probably because Victoria went straight to work after the wedding.

Despite that Victoria is constantly skilling, we realize that she needs more programming and more mischief to be promoted from her current position.

Since it’s boring to watch sims by the computer, we check on the rest of the family. Vivianne has made herself some icecream and gets a brain freeze.

And Magnus gets promoted in the painter career. Agneta is in school.

When Kabir comes home from his politician job, it’s time for dating under the soulmate aspiration

Kabir looks stiff in his suit.

Back home, Magnus sets the barbecue on fire

Victoria continues to work on her programming skill

And then spends some rare time with her sister, playing a game of chess.

This leads to that she completes the Renaissance aspiration and earns the trait Professorial

Scrolling through the other aspirations we realize that she also completed the Fabulouosly Wealthy aspiration and acquired the trait Shrewd

Encouraged, we continue with a couple of milestones in the Computer Whiz aspiration

On love day, our focus returns to our soulmate and another milestone is reached.

While going back to the Public Enemy aspiration and trying to be mean to Kengo, one of her fans, she gets abducted by aliens for the third time apparently! Kengo is the one sitting next to her at the bar. She also starts to think about babies again. You’ll have to wait dear, until we’re done with the horrible aspirations!

Sorry Kengo, you’re collateral damage, being Victoria’s second declared enemy

She has to take a break and play with her old toys. She is childish, but we rarely let her express that.

Then she travels the world to find her third adversary. And by Mehdi becoming a declared enemy, we can stop being mean to people, thank Sims!

Then the family has a campfire night for Valborg

Vivianne does some cooking with her ancestral mother Linnea. It is clear where the family’s bodyshape originates from!

Victoria is still ripped though, and gets promoted to An0nym0us Gh0st.

And when Magnus dies later that day, Victoria witnesses the death and finalizes the Public Enemy aspiration. Whew! She also earns the trait Mastermind from it.

That calls for a selfie moment with Grim!

After that it is time for another youth serum (the third), and a complete, random makeover. She ends up with the same hair as Linnea had.

At week’s end Victoria has 23 skills, whereof three completed.

She has 34 traits, whereof Piper, Professorial, Shrewd and Mastermind are new.

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