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Modig - An ISBI Challenge - Generation 2

ISBI Generation 2 – Reign of Johan Modig


Johan Modig is now exiting out of the shadows, and we can get to know him better. He is an 9 outgoing Taurus Family sim with a newly revealed LTW of becoming Captain Hero (thank Sim it wasn’t marrying off 6 children!).


Problem with cuts again

While being brought up ISBI-style he has accomplished the following: 

-         Private school, A+ grades

-         1 friend (and lover!) outside the family

-         3 toddler skills (missed the Nursery rhyme)

-         Skill points: Cooking 5, Mechanical 0, Charisma 5, Body 4, Logic 5, Creativity 10, Cleaning 3

-         Hobby points: Games 8 (preferred), Music 9 (+ plaque), Culinary 2


The first thing Johan does, is to ask his one-bolt love Christel Garpheden for a date. Turns out that the girl is a Knowledge sim. To keep her happy as an ISBI wife we need more career rewards, especially something that gives mechanical skill. This family is completely skill less in mechanics. (If Robin hasn’t got any secret points)


Too many dogs in this house. Johan sells off Gizmo to Benjamin Lång for 5.152 §.


Yvonne seems to enjoy her new ISBI-life. Note Johan in the background, washing his mother’s dogs.


She even cleans out the dog house autonomously! She never had time to do that when she was the torch-holder.


Bastet gets promoted to her TOC. Good girl! Your owner will feel terrific here on after thanks to you! I must say that this LTW was fairly easy, even though I never tried it before. It took an ISBI family for me to try it.


Johan grows up well to adult. Time to get engaged, married, and have children. Shouldn’t be to hard on him, being a Family sim and all.


Johan sure has a lot of bolts with a lot of people. If Florence Makau wasn’t married, he might have had a chance to get his three-bolter, but not now.
Apart from that, I think it’s good for him NOT to marry a Family sim, he will have enough work anyway! No - Christel, the Knowledge sim will be his wife. And here they are, where they started off at an all too young age.

Johan invited Christel to join his outing with his co-worker. When she arrived, he popped the question to her, and she said yes, of course. That gave a real boost to the outing score!

And while we’re at it, the wedding. Christel moves in with 9000 §. Might I add that the outing score went sky rocketing?


“Hey, Jouko, I’m trying to sell off my mother’s dogs. Would you be interested in a fully trained and well-behaved Adonis?”


“Well, my friend, I would love to, but I just don’t have the money right now” Jouko says
“What?! I thought they payed you well at the dam”
“Well, you know, I’ve got a teen-aged daughter to support”


Christel does have a job. Wonder what kind of job it is? The car pool will arrive at 8PM. Maybe a Cat Burglar? That would be typical for a spouse of an aspiring Captain Hero. However, Johan is working in the medical field for now, we want the surgery dummy for mechanical points.


Look at that! We already had the surgical dummy! I didn’t even know that Johan earned it already. Oh, well, since we’ve got a rocking outing score for the first time ever, just let Jouko string us up another level before going into the Law Enforcement career.


The dancing continues in this generation, too. Bastet likes to sing. I cover my ears.

Since Johan has the hots for redheads, Christel changed her hair. She is also pregnant, but seems totally unaffected, thankfully.


Johan switches careers and makes it to Detective on his first day. It’s now obvious that Christel is pregnant. Yvonne and her are becoming fast friends.


A rare family moment – everybody is eating together. Robin seems to have something to say about Johan’s lack of caring for the dogs.


Another dog sold. Adonis goes home with townie Molly Svanström and Johan gets 3.390 §.


Then he sells Apollo for 4.356 § to Vera Townie.
(She's got a totally unpronouncable last name, like "jfiocas ioajidojadj" or similar. My daughter created her before she could write)


To go jogging in a tropical climate is not a very good idea, not even at night. And wearing something like that should be illegal!


As soon as he’s not overheated himself anymore, Johan sets the stove on fire instead.


Meet the Generation 3 torch-holder, Malin. By the way, I think Robin was right when he critisized Johan’s dog caring. Bastet ran away. She’s got no collar, but Johan at least reported her missing.
(When I checked after passing the torch, the memory of Bastet running away was Malin's first)

Christel is a good mother, and takes good care of Malin autonomously. Johan doesn’t have to worry when he’s working.

Malin grows up to toddler.Here comes training camp!

Malin finds at a very young age that Science is her preferred hobby.

Mission impossible. Robin cannot put Malin to bed, since there is a bottle in the way of manouvering. It’s not easy to be an ISBI toddler.

Johan becomes a Police Chief, that’s wonderful! Just one level to go, then he can concentrate on skilling his family full time.

Johan teaches Malin to walk. She knows the nursery rhyme, is potty trained, and talks, too.


After two weeks or something, the Police is bringing Bastet back, despite the fact that she didn’t wear a collar. Welcome home, Bastet!

At last Malin is growing up to child. She grows up very well! Johan of course longs for another child, but no, it has to wait until he’s perma-plat.

He’s maxing his body skill in the orb. Now he only needs one Cleaning point more, and not to lose friends, and he’s qualified for the highest career level.

Malin is not exactly a pretty little girl, but she’s bright. I hope.

I have a hard time remembering Malin’s name, I think “Karin” about her. Anyway. She likes her new look!

“Yay! I’m allowed to have another baby!” Johan gets promoted to Captain Hero. I bet it was my promise for another baby that made him do it in such a short time. “Now I want six to marry off!”
No. No, no, no, no! That will NOT happen.

Malin has found the piano and is playing a lot. That’s good, more Creativity points!

Christel is obviously pregnant again. I worry how to handle two kids with homework. But on the other hand, Malin should be a teen before this baby starts school.

Johan went to work on Saturday, and this is how Malin spent her day off school. Literally, ALL day.

The younger family has dinner together with townified Mefisto from my Asylum Challenge. I love family dinner pictures!

Johan coaches his father Robin to more body points. Wonder if that is what it takes to get him promoted. I don’t even know how old Robin is nowadays, maybe 60? Maybe he’ll die before he gets to Hall of Famer.

I used Malin’s free command to make her spend Sunday with something useful, instead of belching in the microphone all day. She earned a few body points that way.

Oh, no! The pregnant Christel is eating a spoilt hot dog! I hope nothing will happen to the baby!

“My dearest Robin. We have had a life with both sunshine and clouds. But every cloud has had a silver lining. I have loved to be married to you and bring up our handsome son and all our dogs.

I’m also so happy that Johan met a nice girl, I love Christel so much. And the blessing of Malin, our grand-daughter. However, I’m afraid I won’t be around for the birth of our next grand-child. Take good care of our family, Robin!”

“All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die.”

Time for a new baby. Johan, who has rolled a secondary aspiration of Romance, is not so sure about this anymore!

Meet Mikael, clone of Malin.

Malin comes home and wants to show off her good report card, but her parents are a bit busy.

There’s a traffic jam in the kitchen when it’s Robin’s time to go. He doesn’t seem too sad about it, but there’s no platinum grave for him.

Christel is on her way to work at Mikael’s birthday party, when Yvonne choses to make her first appearance. Christel is pleased, since she’s a Knowledge sim.

Mikael finds that him, too, prefers science when it comes to hobbies. Another piece of evidence that he’s a clone of his sister.

Only the mailman and the maid are present when the Grim Reaper comes to claim Ariadne. Rest in peace, girl!

And the Modig dancing tradition is still alive.

Malin grows up very well to teen, and chooses the path of Knowledge. Yay!

She turns on from fitness and creativity, but turns off from good cooks. Strange! Britta Persson and Konrad Platz grows up with her.

Johan hasn’t concentrated a lot on the garden work, but eventually he earned his bronze badge.

Time for the Garden Club to visit. Johan needs friends and could use the Wishing Well.

Johan earns his membership, but gets no wishing well. Sorry, Johan, guess it’s back to the phone.

Johan asked Laban Kiboko, the neighbour, to flirt with Malin. She didn’t appreciate it, especially.

The headmaster arrives. Let’s see if the private school application works out better than the Garden Club try.

Malin is accepted in Private School, and Mikael grows up to child. Pity he didn’t grow up five minutes sooner, then he would have been accepted too.

Then Johan helps Christel to max her body skill

The time has come for Bastet to leave this earth. Mikael and the new dog Cassiopeia takes it hard. It will however be nice to have only one dog in the house, it hasn’t happened since Yvonne lived here alone with Lillan.

Next on the agenda it’s Johan teaching Christel creativity so well that she maxes her skill. She’s very pleased.

I experience the same problem with this generation as I did with the last. The skilling is not a big problem, but the fact that Johan’s social bar is always maxed out makes it hard for him to make friends, and therefor he gets no promotions.

Mikael decided not to go to school on Friday.

First of all, his mother came home from her Smuggler job right when the school bus arrived. Then he went to play with the toy helicopter. I even used his one command for his childhood to make him go to the bus, but he ignored me and poured himself a bath instead.

I really hope that his grades are good enough to allow him to stay home one day. He’s due to grow up during the weekend, or maybe Monday, it would be too bad if he was taken away...

If a kid skips school and stays at home with his ISBI mother, you would think he would be watching TV or playing computer games all day, but not Mikael. He’s taking bath after bath. This is the 10th bubble bath in three hours. It would be a relief if the social worker came and took him!

While Johan helps Mikael with his homework (yes, he’s still here), I’ll give you some interesting facts on Johan’s attraction status.

It is apparently very attractive to have his Family/Romance aspiration – you get everyone’s attention! And the other way around of course, I’ve never had a sim with 3 different three-bolters! As you can see, Johan has a weakness for black women...

Look! Malin is playing chess with Laban Kiboko! I like his profile. Please, Malin, pick this guy for your future Chosen One.

Mikael suddenly grows up to teen. He looks fat, when did that happen? He rolls Fortune, with turn-ons for unemployed full-face make-ups and a turn-off for something I missed to record

Headmaster Kostas admits Mikael to Private School. That’s great! And a really good result, considering that the turkey was burnt.

Johan grows up very well to elder. Of course, he’s been perma-plat since a long, long time.

The time of passing the torch is approaching.

The exercising Christel has her body points maxed out since a long time, and the piano playing Malin has maxed out Creativity points since a long time. It’s all nice and well, but incredibly boring to watch! We are ready for passing here, Malin, when are you growing up?

Mikael brings Märta Broberg with him home from school. She seems to have something to say to him, but he’s not interested. He’s driving his toy helicopter.

The night after Johan, Christel, too is growing up well to elder. I had hoped she would have reached her TOC of being a Criminal Mastermind by now, and I would have hoped that would be her LTW. She will not be allowed (by me)  to retire, so maybe we’re in for a pleasant surprise later.

Dinner! Christel is a cute looking elder. Just some information to you all out there who’s marrying her into your families.

Enjoy your couch jumping while you can, Malin, you’ll soon be the torch-holder of this family!

Like right now! Surrounded by family and friends, Johan passes the torch to his daughter Malin.

During his torch-holder life and ISBI-upbringing, Johan accomplished the following:

-         Reached LTW of becoming a Captain Hero
-         Reached level 6 in the Education career (Guest Lecturer)
-         4 friends outside the family
-         Earned 50.000 §
-         Skill points: Cooking 7, Mechanical 5, Charisma 8, Body 10, Logic 10, Creativity 10, Cleaning 9
-         Hobby points: Food 5, Games 6 (preferred), Science 1, Sports 2, Nature 5, Execise 1, Music 4


While being brought up ISBI-style Malin has accomplished the following:

-         Private school, A+ grades
-         1 friend outside the family
-         4 toddler skills
-         Skill points: Cooking 1, Mechanical 5, Charisma 2, Body 8, Logic 7, Creativity 10, Cleaning 6
-         Hobby points: Science 0 (preferred), Games 4, Music 8, Culinary 3, Tinkering 4, Art 3, Sports 2, Exercise 1




 75 pictures, problem with cuts again!




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