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Victoria Supersim - Week 8 - Serial Romantic

Last time, Victoria worked on several skills and several aspirations. She gained a milestone in Nerdbrain and was promoted several steps in her artist career. Vivianne advanced in her Master Chef career as well.

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, Muser, Childish, Two-star celebrity
Acquired traits: Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted, Mentally gifted, Good Manners, Expressionistic
Reward traits: Free service, Seldom Sleepy, Beguiling, Carefree, Creative Visionary, Observant, Cold Acclimation
Completed aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire
Current career: Painter

Victoria lives in a big house in Brindleton Bay with her sister Vivianne. They are both young adults.

Victoria works on her Nerdbrain aspiration and the Rocket Science skill when she’s off work.

Meanwhile, Vivianne sets the dryer and herself on fire.

When the fire is safely out, Victoria shifts to the Worldfamous celebrity aspiration and arranges a Meet and Greet at Orchid a Gogo.

She gives out autographed portraits and poses for pictures while streaming herself. The whole event is a success!

Since she’s such a nice person, her reputation reaches pristine and gets a gold medal for the event.

Meanwhile, Vivianne hangs out with her friend Magnus.

But when she starts to feel feverish she sends him home and orders some medicin.

Then it’s back to the Serial Romantic aspiration.

She works on kissing 10 sims

And there we have it, the next milestone in the Serial Romantic aspiration

She still needs to paint for her career, but at the same time we get a notificaton that we have 10 broken appliances in the house.

So she takes care of it

It’s Midsummer and the rain pours down

Luckily the barbecue is on the porch.

Food and drinks are had, completing the tradition, and some flirting is added in for fun

Victoria is on a date and her sister Karin is there and watches her awkwardly

And so does her other lover Seiji

Better move the dating back to the house – with a different Seiji. Must be the most common name in Brindleton Bay.

It starts to feel like the 100 baby challenge again, apart from the fact that Victoria not necessarily woohoos them all

And we’re done, and Victoria is off to bed. Alone.

But not until she completes a milestone in the Friend of the World aspiration.

When she has to fix the washing machine for the umptieth time she gets an angry emotion bomb

And then Vivanne sets the dryer on fire AGAIN, but lives to tell the story.

Victoria is promoted to Imaginative Imagist and is now on level 6. Careers take forever, this is still her first one!

Our cleaning lady calls and asks if Victoria wants to go for a blind date with her friend. Ok, let’s see who it is!

It’s a guy called Björn. At least not another Seiji! The more unsettling fact is that his last name is Nyberg, like Victoria’s.

They spend the evening stargazing

And Victoria starts to end her former relationships to not complicate things in the future.

In the meantime, Vivianne gets promoted to Pastry Chef

It’s neighbourhood brawl day, and even if the fights are allowed and nobody gets hurt or upset, it still makes Vivianne’s reputation go down.

Victoria doesn’t engage in brawl day, but fixes the appliances as usual, while her ancestor Anna ruins the next one. When talking to her old relative, Victoria’s reputation starts to be the one of a saint.

Back to the Nerdbrain aspiration, Victoria launces her rocket

And when she gets back she gets attacked by bees.

Vivianne takes care of them to calm them down

Victoria takes care of the garden and completes another milestone in the Freelance Botanist aspiration.

Then some more rocket work, but she can’t finalize the milestone before the week is over.

She’s got 17 skills, whereof paining is level 10.

She’s got 20 traits, whereof the ”Player” was a reward for the Serial Romantic. Next time we will have to reverse Victoria’s aging for the first time.


Tags: sims 4, supersim challenge, victoria nyberg, vivianne nyberg

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