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Victoria Supersim - Week 6 - Painter Extraordinaire

Last time, Victoria developed the Emotion bomb fame quirk and reached level 4 in the Painter Extraoridnaire aspiration and level 2 in the Renaissance sim aspiration. Maria grew up to a Good young adult. Max and Maria moved out with Fiona, the dog. We celebrated harvestfest. Daisy died and we had a successful Alla Helgon.

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton, One-star celebrity
Acquired traits: Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted, Mentally gifted
Reward traits: Free service, Seldom Sleepy

Victoria lives with her twin sister Vivianne in a big house in Brindleton Bay. They are both teens.

Victoria works on her paintings, and her sister Maria, who’s got a key to the house, is keeping her company

When selling her latest art work, Victoria becomes a two-star celebrity, which gets her to level 2 of the Worldfamous aspiration.

Vivianne comes home exhausted with A grades

Since it’s their natural birthday anyway, Victoria changes aspiration to Party Animal and throws a party.

Vivianne makes them a white cake and grows up to be Childish.

Vicoria grows up to be Childish too, but also has the bonus trait of Good Manners.

Right away, Victoria applies for a job in Art. Then she can combine her aspiration and skills with the career.

That was easy, although not fun. Victoria completed her first aspiration of being a Painter Extraordinaire!

She works here and there on different aspirations, like Friend of the World, but her main focus now will be on the Serial Romantic, since we want to get that one out of the way.

She’s got loads of aspiration points and we buy the traits of Beguiling, Carefree, Creative Visionary, Observant and Cold Acclimation (since it's winter)

She puts Beguiling to good use on Seiji. This we have good practice with from the 100 baby challenge.

And Seiji gives Victoria her very first kiss!

They go on a gold date and Victoria asks Seiji to be her boyfriend

Then directly a second date

This one becomes a bit awkward for a while when a papparazzi dies in the blizzard outside.

The photo they take together looks like it’s from an after ski session

And we’re on level 2!

Well, hello there Masato – like to get to know you well!

But first- fixing the washing machine before the winterfest house party

The siblings are here to dance and decorate the tree

Masato is invited too.

He’s very receptive to her advances and they have their first kiss, which is all we need right now.

The tree is lit and Victoria has a fantastic reputation

She sent Masato home and starts flirting with Pierce, who she knew since high school, if not longer.

And they have their first kiss as well

What a winterfest party! Victoria needs a drink to calm down when the guests have left

Then she reaches charisma level 4 and gets another milestone!

Vivianne gets a present from Kung Bore and has a terrific winterfest as well.

Then she continues to work on her cooking skill and takes a drink with the resident ghosts.

The next morning she continues with the drinks since she needs to get to level 2 in mixology.

For the next level of serial romantic we need 3 strong romantic relations at the same time, so Victoria accepts a date with Masato

The kissing we’ve done before doesn’t count anymore, so she starts with a kiss. She’s not so fresh, but Masato doesn’t mind

So she invites him home for her first ever woohoo

When Victoria sleeps Vivianne entertains the house guests and works on her mixology skill

Then Seiji gets the deep relation treatment

Then Masato calls: ”I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you, do you want a date?”
”No thanks” (we already have a deep relationship with you)

Then we take a break from the romancing to fix some stuff around the house

And to work on the Renaissance Sim aspiration

And we have a milestone!

Back to romance, Pierce gets the happy treatment

Then it’s New Year’s Eve. Cheers!


Spring is coming and Victoria relaxes a bit. Cannot just skill all the time!

But soon she’s back at the chess board.

And we end this week with 14 skills, whereof one maxed,

17 traits, a two-star celebrity status and a Fantastic reputation.

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