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Victoria Supersim - Week 5 - Emotion Bomb

Last time, Daisy grew up to elder. Victoria completed the Whiz kid aspiration and got the Mentally gifted trait. Vivianne grew up to a Slob teen. Victoria grew up to a Glutton teen with the aspiration to be a Painter Extraordinaire. She reached level 3 in that aspiration and also started on Joke Star, Renaissance sim, Computer Whiz and Friend of the World. Max grew up to a Jealous young adult.

Victoria Supersim - Slob, Glutton
Acquired traits: Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted, Mentally gifted,
Reward traits: Free service, Seldom Sleepy

Victoria and her twin sister Vivianne are teens and they live in Brindleton Bay with their mother Daisy, their sister Maria and the brother Max with his dog Fiona.

Maria is still a teen as well, because she has struggled in school. Now she’s determined that she will get her grades up and be allowed to grow up.

Victoria starts the week with working on her Computer Whiz aspiration.

If you wish that your sim shall get a high handiness skill, make sure they live in a house with ghosts. Every morning at least half the appliancies are broken due to haunting.

Max chooses a career in social media and immediately gets an assignment to take a photo in a bar.

So off he goes, with Fiona,  to the nearest bar.

Fiona is the model of the day

He also takes the opportunity to meet some sim ladies

Daisy works the garden in the rain, but it becomes very uncomfortable in the end.

Omobolanle invites her mother and siblings to her birthday party, and Daisy is happy to be surrounded by family

Victoria is not her best self, she’s enraged due to a mood swing. She’s pretty in her party dress though!

She tries to work on the friend of the World aspiration anyway

And while we celebrate other birthdays, it’s as well to grow up Maria too. It’s her last day.

She grows up to be Good and Responsible. That clashes so badly with her aspiration to be a Public Enemy, but we don’t care, she will soon move out anyway.

She does start a career in crime.

Back home, Vivianne works on becoming responsible too.

Victoria is back on her original aspiration of Painter Extraordinaire

She has started to produce masterpieces.

And when her oldest brothers Martin and Magnus die, she develops a quirk – the Emotion bomb! This is however a pretty good quirk we have found from LPs – she will break into pieces sometimes, but then she’s over with the sadness pretty quickly. Would be good for all sims with endless rows of relatives that will start dying.

Max and Maria moves out to San Myshuno and takes Fiona with them.

Vivianne and Daisy sits by the fireplace, but since it’s raining again, the fire doesn’t stay lit.

Victoria goes with her classmate Pierce to the gallery in San Myshuno to look at art for Victoria’s aspiration. It doesn’t go so well, since the gallery is not a museum apparently. And we have an emotion bomb from Victoria.

As expected she’s happy when she gets it out of her system and when they go to the real museum Victoria checks off another tier in her aspiration.

Victoria invites Magnus home from school. We need to rack up acquaintances both for the romantic and the friendly aspirations.

She already completed two masterpieces, but now she needs to do five more.

Daisy prepares the harvestfest dinner

And Victoria paints

Daisy is happy with her harvestfest

Victoria sells her latest mastepiece and gains some fame

Daisy fixes stuff and plays with toys.

On Friday Vivianne has A grades, but we will wait to grow the girls up uptil we have to.

Late in the evening Daisy collapses in the middle of a dance, and the grim reaper comes for her

And now the teen twins are on their own

They have the funeral the same night

Suitably enough, the next day is Alla Helgon which is for remembering the ones that went before us

They light some candles and sit and talk about Daisy and her love of food. They support each other through the difficult time.

Their siblings call to share their grief

The celebrations are very successful this year.

Without Daisy, it’s time for Victoria to become the handyman of the house.

And for some fun and for the renaissance sim aspiration, the girls play chess. Victoria checks off the first step in that aspiration.

And by the end of the week, a couple of more masterpieces has come from Victoria’s brushes.

She has started a number of skills, so she now has 11, whereof the painting is maxed.

No new traits this week, so she still has her nine, whereof two reward traits. She also has very good manners, but the other character values are pretty bad.

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