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Victoria Supersim - Week 4 - So Much to Do

Last time, Max adopted Fiona, the puppy, who grew up to an adult dog. Victoria completed the Artistic Prodigy LTW and got the Creatively gifted trait. Maria grew up unnoticed to a Foodie teen. Victoria reached level 9 in Mental and level 3 in the Whiz Kid aspiration. We celebrated Easter Monday and found that New Year resolutions are glitched.

Victoria Supersim – Slob, Happy toddler, Creatively gifted, Socially gifted

Victoria, who is a child, lives with her twin sister Vivianne, their mother Daisy, their sister Maria and their brother Max and his dog Fiona in Brindleton Bay.

It’s very close to Victoria’s birthday and we really don’t have time to get her through the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration

Vivianne just became friends with the monster under her bed. Never saw that before! Also, we see that it is Daisy’s birthday

Victoria only has the A grades left in her Whiz Kid aspiration. That will happen in school today!

Daisy fixes the doll house before her party

Her oldest son Magnus is already an elder.

It’s about time Daisy becomes an elder as well

The guests are crowding around the honey cake

But the birthday girl is already busy playing with toys

Victoria comes home from school with A grades and has completed the Whiz Kid aspiration! That gives her the trait Mentally gifted.

Vivianne has A grades as well

Time to bake another cake. As usual the house is chaos!

The girls of course get a tiered cake!

Vivianne becomes a Slob with a Masterchef aspiration

Victoria grows up to be a Glutton with the base LTW to be a Painter Extraordinaire. At least then we know where to start! Sister Karin wonders where her little sister went and where this young woman came from

Victoria is very happy, but exhausted. No wonder, now we have soooo much to do!

Daisy is happy as well, all her blond kids are here

When the party is over, Daisy spends some time with Fiona. She really needs a bath! She’s supposed to be part white, but now completely grey.

Now when Victoria is a teen, we will start to shift between the aspirations. However, the Painter Extraordinaire is a good place to start.

Her ancestral mother Thyra joins her.

Every waking moment she paints, and soon she reaches the first milestone in the aspiration.

It’s Midsummer and Daisy fixes stuff as usual

Vivianne has started her cooking skill

Max is out and about with Fiona, but crashes on the beautiful beach in the terrible weather

The family gathers in Victoria’s room and listens to the thunderstorm

Fortunately the barbecue is under the porch roof

So the party is pretty good anyway

Daisy takes the second shift at the barbecue

And victoria makes the table look nice, all autonomously

You do what you can to lighten a dreary day

Victoria has reward points and gets the Free Service and Seldom Sleepy traits

The family has cash problems and cannot pay the bills, so the power is shut off

Victoria tries to help with the cash problem by painting and selling paintings, but unfortunately she doesn’t make so much money yet, even though she starts to get some fame from her talent.

She sadly doesn’t find painting fun, so to try to get her fun up we change to the Joke Start aspiration and tries to joke with her sibleings. Max is not impressed.

And just like in real life, we forget all the time that we don’t have power and that it’s not possible to do laundry.

Still lacking fun, we shift aspiration again, to Renaissance sim and let Victoria play chess. She would like to play computer games, but we have no power…

Max hates his life right now. He’s too tired to do anything, but he’s too grimy to sleep

One advantage with being a Glutton is that Victoria can eat anything, even food that’s gone off, without getting sick.

When the family is up, Victoria continues with the Joke Star aspiration. Maria is not amused either.

When the kids are in school, Daisy takes care of Fiona and the always broken appliances.

Victoria gains one star fame by being an artist.

Another milestone reached!

Max still has a terrible life

Friend of the world is another aspiration that Victoria has started.

And she continues with Joke star and manages to be funny with five sims, including the ghosts.

Fiona seems to be sick, so Daisy takes her to the vet.

The waiting time is endless!

Finally she’s admitted, and gets a shot for 750§!

They walk back home

The message says that Victoria is doing a performance at the drama club and the family should go there to support her, but we don’t know how to do it, so nobody is there.

Max is in a bad mood as usual, but it’s his birthday

He becomes a Jealous young adult. He will stay in the house until Maria grows up too.

Victoria paints

And does her homework, since she has a wish to do extra credit.

She also starts the computer Whiz aspiration when she needs some fun.

She sends and sms to her class mate Pierce and he invites her to the park

We have a plan to finalize the serial romantic aspiration when Victoria is a teen, but she doesn’t know anyone yet, so it’s a good thing Pierce asks her out.

Then sister Karin calls and asks her to the lounge. OK!

She takes the opportunity to present herself to everybody she meets, and she reaches the first milestone of the friend of the World aspiration

She continues with Joke star

And when she gets home she reaches the first milestone also there.

And by the end of the week our one star celebrity artist has nine traits and eight skills, but none is maxed. See you next time!

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