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Victoria Supersim - Week 3 - Creatively Gifted

Last time, Vihaan died. Vivianne and Victoria grew up to Self-Assured and Slob children. Victoria didn’t succeed in maxing all toddler skills, but got the trait Happy Toddler anyway. She completed the Social Butterfly LTW which gave her the trait Socially gifted and reached level 2 in Artistic Prodigy.
We had Winterfest, TV season premier and New Years. Katarina and Karin grew up to Childish and Foodie young adults and moved out to live with their father Kabir. Max became a Glutton Animal Lover teen.

Victoria Supersim – Slob, Happy Toddler, Socially Gifted

Victoria, child, and her twin sister Vivianne live with their mother Daisy and their older brother Max and sister Maria.

Max wants to adopt a dog. Let’s see if we succeeds this time.

He asks for Fiona

And while the adoption lady helps with taking out the trash, Max greets Fiona and we realize that you click on the animal to adopt it.

Victoria has now painted the 5 different types of drawings and just need to max her creativity skill

She changes into her party wear for Easter Monday (there is still a LOT of snow outside) and plays the piano

Vivianne does some egg hunting

And Victoria did it. She has completed the Artistic Prodigy LTW, reached level 10 in Creativity and acquired the trait of Creatively Gifted

Oops! Maria happened to grow up to a Foodie teen with an LTW to become a Public Enemy. Sorry we forgot your birthday!

Victoria moves on to the LTW of Whiz Kid. She and Vivianne asks Daisy to read to them, and soon, the first goal is met.

Daisy moves on to fixing stuff again, and just look at the view from the laundry windows! We need to get outside more now when it’s spring!

Max works with his puppy Fiona.

Victoria plays chess with Aaradhya Ramesh, a friend from school

And with Vivianne, and soon she finalizzes the first stage of the Whiz Kid aspiration

And Fiona grows up. Not sure what breed she is

Fiona is good company when doing extra credit, which counts as homework.

Maria is an active ghost

The chess table is put to good use nowadays

But Max is the first sim that realizes we have a pool!

Another milestone reached!

Time to work on the A grades. Even Maria does her homework for once

Max plays with Fiona

And Daisy fixes stuff

But when Katarina asks her to go for a coffee she says yes.

It is actually love day, so maybe we should have tried to have a date instead, but Daisy (j68) can’t be bothered.

Instead she meets up with a bunch of her kids who happen to be at the café at the same time. This is Ayla

Omobobola is here

And Omondi

And Omobolanle - all the triplets!

And finally a picture with Katarina who invited her out in the first place

Back home, Victoria takes a break from the Whiz kid aspiration to play on the pirate ship. We didn’t think about it until later that we could have shifted to the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration while she did that.

Max makes some hot dogs

The next few days Victoria spends experimenting and doing homework

The phones are ringing off the hooks with everybody wanting to hang out or talk to the family

Apparently it’s possible to bathe the dog even though the tub is broken.

But if you’re a sim you need to fix the tub first

That dog is really dirty!

Vivianne: ”Come on Victoria, we’re soon due to grow up!”
”I know, I work as fast as I can!”

Now Victoria is tense because she hasn’t fulfilled her New Years resolution. That’s so not true! Her resolution was to reach an LTW milestone, and she has done many during spring, but it doesn’t count! Damn game glitches!

She even gets the sad moodlet because she failed. You didn’t fail, Victoria, it the game that fails!

Just for fun we try to drink a couple  of the elixires

One is just slimy and disgusting, but the other gives confidence.

Victoria really works hard. It’s boring to watch in the end.

Max tries to make Fiona famous through Simstagram

And he plays with her.

Daisy reaches level 10 in Gourmet cooking

And by the end of the week Victoria has reached level 9 in Mental and has one day before she ages to teen.

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