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Victoria Supersim - Week 2 - Socially Gifted

Last time, the family started out the new series in a new house in Brindleton Bay. Victoria maxed her Communication and Potty skill but had a hard time with Thinking.
Karin and Katarina grew up to Perfectionist and Self-absorbed teens. Daisy put herself on fire. Max and Maria worked with Victoria and their own skills. Vihaan weeded the garden. We had Harvestfest, Alla Helgon and Prank day.

Victoria Nyberg, Supersim – Clingy

Victoria is a toddler and she lives with her parents Daisy and Vihaan, her twin sister Vivianne, and their older siblings Katarina, Karin, Max and Maria.´

The first thing that happens when we start off week 2, is that the elderly Vihaan has reached the end of his time.

He dies in the older kids’ room, so they are all woken up to witness the tragedy. Maria hides in her bear form.

Now when they’re up, Karin takes the opportunity to teach Victoria to count.

Katarina takes the next shift with the building blocks. The thinking skill is really hard for Victoria!

When the toddlers are asleep and the big kids are in school, Daisy continues her work with her music career.

However, the family needs to be fed.

And now there’s no return, the toddlers are due to grow up.

A party is arranged.

A zombie cake is baked. We start with Vivianne.

She grows up to be a Self-assured Creative Prodigy

We wait as long as we can to grow up Victoria, but we cannot get any more skills maxed.

The zombie cake awaits.

She gets the traits of Slob and Happy Toddler, and has an LTW to be a Social Butterfly. Her skills are starting off on level 1 for Mental and Creative, and on Level 2 for Motor and Social.

She starts immediately to work on the Social Butterfly LTW. Since she doesn’t know her older siblings, it’s easy to meet 5 new people.

It’s not possible to enroll a child in both the scouts and the drama club, so we choose the drama club for Victoria, since that one is new.

Sadness strikes once more when we hear that Danielle, Daisy’s twin sister is dead.

Since Victoria grew up so late she isn’t expected in school until tomorrow, so she takes the chance to up her social skill until Daisy’s ears bleed.

And when they become BFF’s, the next level is reached

When Daisy has to lay down from all the socials, Victoria does her homework until it’s time to go to the drama club.

When she’s back from the drama club, she starts on the goal to be friends with three other children. She starts with her twin Vivianne.

And continues with her sister Maria, the bear.

Daisy has three main responsibilities nowadays – cooking, playing music and fixing stuff that always break around the house.

Victoria exhausts even herself with her constant talking

Daisy fixes the stereo in the parlor. We need more lights here!

Winterfest! A great opportunity for working on social skills!

While they are decorating the tree together, Victoria and Maria are now friends as well.

The older siblings are invited for the celebrations

When she is friends also with her brother Max, she concentrates on ”Getting friends with 2 adults”. Daisy apparently doesn’t count, so she talks to her brother Omondi and sister Sheila.

Time for presents! The top decoration is not put on straight, but it’s not possible to do anything about it.

Social and Creative skills at the same time. Doll houses are great!

Vihaan, who’s dead, and buried on this lot, wants Victoria to come over and hang out.

It becomes a ”Hanging with family” event

Victoria reaches level 10 in Social

And she’s friends with both Omondi and Sheila and has completed her first LTW on Thursday week 2.

Next – Creative Prodigy

The siblings line up for homework

Katarina works on her school project

Vivianne autonomously starts to practice the violin. It sounds dreadful!

Omondi is always hanging around, so Max plays a game of chess with him

Daisy fixes things around the house.

Katarina has A grades, but we will wait until Karin is there too before we grow them up.

Victoria works on her painting both after school and after the drama club, and she reaches level 2 in the Artistic Prodigy LTW.

Daisy is getting there in her LTW as well.

Then it’s time for the TV season premier

Karin has A grades the next day. Brindleton Bay seems to be at least as cold as Williw creek has always been. Max has A grades as well but we don’t have a picture to prove it.

A bllue confetti cake is made

Karin becomes Childish

Katarina becomes a Foodie.

Max becomes a Glutton Animal Lover – our first! Good, then we can practice animal handling with him.

For the first time ever we get gold for a birthday party. Can you even imagine how many we have thrown over the course of the 100 baby challenge? Still this s the fist gold.

Karin and Katarina are moved out to live with their father Kabir, but they will always be welcome back to the mothership!

Victoria works on her creativity and Daisy on mentoring at the same time. It a wonderful cooperation

And Daisy reaches the top of her LTW!

New year’s eve we throw a house party.

Victoria makes a resolution to finalize an ambition milestone and continues to draw pictures at the activity table.

Countdown!! Happy New Year!

Victoria goes from one activity table to the other in her pyjamas

Max wants to adopt a dog, but can’t figure out how to accept it from the adoption lady, so she takes the puppy with her again.

Victoria plays the piano and draws her pictures and by the end of the week she’s up to 8 in Creativity, 1 in Charisma, 1 in Mental, 2 in Motor.
Completions: Social 10, Social Butterfly LTW.

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