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Victoria Supersim - Week 1 - Hard Thinking

Victoria Supersim – week 1
Victoria is our Supersim and will learn everything there is to learn. https://lithiarch.weebly.com/the-super-sim-challenge.html
So far she’s only a Clingy toddler though.

Victoria Nyberg, Supersim – Clingy

When we start this new series, the computer has been equiped with two new expansions – Pets and Get Famous. We start off fresh in a new big house in Brindleton Bay

The Simgodess is not particularly fond of pets, but loves Brindleton Bay, so the family is moved there. Victoria is a toddler and she moves in with her parents Daisy and Vihaan, her twin sister Vivianne, and their older sibligs Katarina, Karin, Max and Maria. She also has another 4 older brothers and 7 older sisters living around the world.

At the start of the series Victoria has four skills started, all at level 1. The Thinking skill is not even started.

This picture illustrates the biggest problem we have had so far – the sims sleep too much and we do’t have time to skill.

Another obstacle is that they need to eat a lot.

After their first day in school in Brindleton Bay, Katarina and Karin have A grades and are allowed to grow up, according to the 100 baby sim challenge, which they were born into.

But finally have good stats for Victoria, so we need to work on some skills while Daisy makes the cake

The girls get a winter cake. Not sure what happened to big sister on the left, she looks scorched. There is a thunderstorm going on outside, so probably she got hit by lightning.

Katarina grows up with the new trait of Self-absorbed and she’s got an LTW to be The Curator.

Karin goes next. Maria and Omondi checks out the candle blowing

She grows up to be a Perfectionist with an LTW to become a Bodybuilder

Victoria enjoys the party and dances away in her pyjamas, improving her Movement skill.

The big girls play cards with their sisters. The party is a silver occasion. And we seem to need some more light in the play room

Daisy teaches Victoria to talk

The she sets herself on fire

Luckily Karin is hero material and puts it out

Training cotinues with ”Please and thank you”

And thinking through the use of cards.

In the meantime, the teens crumble. Katarina is mortified and her needs are in a very bad shape. They should be old enough to take care of themselves.

When Victoria eats, Daisy works on her own LTW that is, as you might remember, to become a Musical Genius. We also hear that DAisy's sister Maria has died.

Our only boy, Max, is working on his logic skill.


Dinner break!

One thing that didn’t change since the 100 babies challenge, it that the toddlers are always in their pyjamas. It works to skill in that. And they have a fun time together

We don’t have a greenhouse anymore, so the garden is a mess. Vihaan actually works as a gardener, so he takes it upon himself to do some weeding in the middle of another thunder storm.

Harvest fest! Maria finds a gnome and succeeds in pleasing it.

Max teaches Victoria some shapes. It makes her learn more quickly and gives him Good Deed points towards his scout badges. All the kids are still enrolled in the scouts.

Maria works on her grades and her responsibility when working on her school project.

As long as she’s awake, Victoria works on her skills. Thinking with the baby pad and talking with the giant pet.

With a bit better weather, Vihaan continues the weeding

The thinking skill is the slowest for sure. Max puts some more effort into teaching Victoria the shapes, but has to give up for his own needs.

We’re not focusing on Vivianne, but she’s almost better off than Victoria when it comes to her skills. In a normal 100 babies story we would grow her up by now.

Karin does her homework in the toddler room, that we have realized has been intended as a bathroom, since it’s tiled, but it’s so big so it would be a waste of space to use it as a bathroom.

Will you learn the shapes already?!

Prankday – Karin and Katarina takes it out on each other

By the end of the week, Victoria has maxed her skills in Potty and Communication, level 4 of Movement and level 3 in Thinking and Imagination. She’s soon due to grow up, so we won’t be able to max out everything, but then, so be it. There's no way to stop toddlers from aging

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