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100 Baby Challenge - Summary

The first episode was published on the 28th of September 2017 and the last on the 7th of June 2019. That is 1 year and nine months of game play, 617 RL days. In sim time we played for 85 weeks. We took 4995 pictures and we had seven baby mamas


Our first baby mama was Linnea. She had an LTW of a Big Happy Family. She was Cheerful, Romantic and a Goofball. She had 16 children, two sets of twins. She had 9 girls and 7 boys. Her last love was Olof. She reigned between week 1 and week 15

The blurry photo of them is still hanging on the wall in the 100 baby house.

  1. Monika

  2. Mona

  3. Trine

  4. Stina

  5. Staffan

  6. Thea

  7. Björg

  8. Beata

  9. Magnus

  10. Stella

  11. Martin

  12. Frank

  13. Gunnar

  14. Alvar

  15. Maria

  16. Oliver


Our second baby mama was Maria. Her father’s name was Martin Nilsson. He was an Ambitious Perfectionist that hated children.
Maria had an LTW to be a Painter Extraordinaire and was Insane, as it was called back then, Romantic and a Bro. She had 12 children, one set of twins. She had 5 girls and 7 boys. Her last love was Jaxson. Her reign was from week 16 to 29.

  1. Miranda

  2. Jonas

  3. Petra

  4. Anton

  5. Åsa

  6. Akiko

  7. Joakim

  8. David

  9. Bertil

  10. Kasper

  11. Lennart

  12. Jaana


Baby mama no 3 was Jaana. Her father was Jaxson Madsen. He was a Self-assured, Outgoing Bro and Jaana was Self-assured, Bookworm and a Kleptomaniac, quite the character. She had an LTW of being a Party Animal. Her reign was between week 30 and 44.
She had only 11 children, no twins. She had 6 girls and 5 boys. Her last love was Andreas Björk

  1. Markus

  2. Ronja

  3. Pernilla

  4. Johanna

  5. Jonathan

  6. Gustav

  7. Kjerstin

  8. Andreas

  9. Nicole

  10. Roland

  11. Anna


Anna was our fourth baby mama. With her, seasons were introduced. Her father was Andreas Björk, who was a Hotheaded, Squamish Kleptomaniac. Anna had an LTW of being a Freelance Botanist and she was a Good Goofball Genius. She had 13 children, 3 sets of twins and the family’s first set of triplets. She had 6 girls and 7 boys. Her last love was Kengo Maeda

  1. Johan

  2. Maja

  3. Magda

  4. Hector

  5. Helge

  6. Gurli

  7. Gunnar

  8. Maria

  9. Thea

  10. Thyra

  11. Thor

  12. Kent

  13. Kenneth


Baby mama no 5 was Thyra. Her father was Thomas Lindström. He was a Slob, Foodie Goofball.
Thyra inherited all her father’s traits and had an LTW to become a Mansion Baron. She had 16 children, 6 sets of twins and one set of triplets. With Thyra the lot traits were introduced, so we had the house on a leyline. She had 11 boys and 5 girls. Her last love was Martin Englund

  1. Yoaquin

  2. Yonah

  3. Karl

  4. Kay

  5. Kalle

  6. Kevin

  7. Kelly

  8. Teodor

  9. Terje

  10. Sebastian

  11. Selma

  12. Kain

  13. Karin

  14. Per

  15. Malin

  16. Marie


Marie was our baby mama no 6. She had an LTW to be a Superparent and her traits were just like her mother’s – Slob, Foodie, Goofball. Her father’s name was Martin Englund and he was a Mean Vegetarian Goofball. Marie had 15 children, 7 sets of twins. She had 10 girls and 5 boys.
Her last love was Daichi Sakamoto.

  1. Aksel

  2. Aki

  3. Hans

  4. Hanna

  5. Khanh

  6. Laura

  7. Lauritz

  8. Jaana

  9. Janita

  10. Sheryl

  11. Shakira

  12. Maria

  13. Malva

  14. Danielle

  15. Daisy


Daisy was our very last baby mama. Her father was Daichi Sakamoto and he was a Childish Art Lover Dance Machine. Daisy has an LTW of being a Musical Genius and her traits are Childish Foodie Slob. She had 17 children, 7 sets of twins and one set of triplets, 12 girls and 5 boys. Her last love was Vihaan Gupta, a Self-Assured Perfectionist Glutton

  1. Magnus

  2. Martin

  3. Ayna

  4. Ayla

  5. Omobobola

  6. Omondi

  7. Omobolanle

  8. Sheila

  9. Sharma

  10. Nasim

  11. Nadia

  12. Karin

  13. Katarina

  14. Maria

  15. Max

  16. Vivianne


Victoria is so far only a Clingy toddler, but she will be our Supersim and will learn everything there is to learn. Stay tuned!
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