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100 Baby Challenge - Mission Accomplished!

Last time, Karin and Katarina were born and grew up to Inquisitive and Independent toddlers. Nasim and Nadia grew up to Good and Bookworm children. Sharma and Sheila grew up to Jealous and Active teens and later to Glutton young adults that moved out. Maria and Max were born

Week 85 starts with Daisy Nyberg, young adult, her four daughters and two sons. The kids are two children, two toddlers and two babies. Daisy is not pregnant. Current baby count is 98.

We start this week with Karin, who has acquired a taste for litterature.

Daisy plays in the dollhouse with Katarina.

Nasim and Nadia come home with A grades already on Monday

And Katarina has reached level 3. We will have a big birthday party

Nasim starts the celebrations

He grows up to be a Slob and a Serial Romantic

Nadia has her nice dress on

She grows up to be a Good Renaissance sim.

Daddy Kabir helps Katarina with the candles

She grows up to be a very hungry Slob and a Rambunctious Scamp

It’s time for the babies as well. Max becomes Independent

And Maria becomes Silly. It seems all Daisy’s kids become blond, regardless of the hair colour of the father.

Karin is level 3

She gets a white cake in the middle of the night

She becomes a Music Loving Artistic Prodigy

Nasim works on his Fitness skill

It’s Daisy’s birthday! She’s got 15 kids so far and is still a young adult.

She makes herself a honey cake and celebrates on her own.

Then it’s time to pursue the last baby daddy. We’re willing to bet that there will be twins again, so therefor, he should be the last

Daisy is pregnant, hopefully for the very last time!

Vihaan is not thrilled!

Skilling continues by habit.

The ancestral mothers are on kitchen duty

It’s the rainiest midsummer in years, and Nasim slips badly when he’s defying the weather to barbecue some burgers for the sake of tradition

Eventually he succeeds, but there is not much of a celebration with the terrible weather.

The next day the sun shines again and Daisy works on her dance moves

Nasim and Nadia have A grades

They get a winter cake on the hottest day of summer.

Nasim becomes Ambitious and responsible

Nadia becomes a Slob and is responsible as well

They are moved out to live with their father, his wife and their halfbrother.

Now we wait for the babies. Daisy plays the piano. One day she will reach level 8 and be able to write songs.

She fixes the broken plumbing

She takes care of the laundry

She bathes the toddlers, and it seems the last trimester will last forever.

When she finally goes to bed the toddlers are left to their skilling

Friday evening it’s finally time. The leyline is active…

On Friday week 85, at 17.41 babies no 99 and 100 are born! It’s two girls and they get the names Vivianne and VICTORIA – we made it!! 100 babies in 85 weeks!

And we celebrate with moving the very last baby daddy in. Welcome Vihaan – Perfectionist, Glutton and Self-assured.

No more leyline for this house. Instead we choose Good Acoustics for the musicians of the family.

Daisy has given birth to 17 children, 12 girls and five boys, but she’s done. We’re done, but the story will continue.

The kids that we have now will have an easier life and will be allowed to play and hang out

We will still grow them up according to the challenge rules, so it’s time for Max

The ghosts take care of the babies.

Daddy Martin helps Max with the cake

He grows up to be a Cheerful Whiz kid

During the party Maria gets her communication skill up to level 3, so she is ready too

She becomes a Slob Social Butterfly

And we end this series with two black-haired little toddlers, Charmer Vivianne and Clingy Victoria.
It might be the end of the 100 baby challenge, but Victoria will be back, she will be the centre of the next story: Victoria – the Supersim!

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