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Rights of Women Challenge - The Swedish Way, Generation 3

As promised, this update starts with Sigrid and Uno’s wedding. We’re now in 1938. My family has not been fast with the generations, why Sigrid is overlapping the generation 3 for this challenge, when it comes to clothes anyway.


In Sweden the workers’ union and the organisation of company management agrees on rules how to handle negotiations on salaries and other benefits, and also how strikes and lock-outs are supposed to be handled. Like a sort of Rules of War. Only in Sweden things like that happen.

The not-so-young couple moves to a small town and a small house and all is well, at this time. Uno loves music as much as Sigrid does. He’s a violin maker in his free time. Sigrid is now 34 years old and Uno is 33.

Uno was a car mechanic as a profession. He had a company with his younger brother. I believe he wasn’t very happy with his life.

Maybe he was worried for money or the war. The World War 2 started at September 1st 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, as we all know.

Maybe he just wanted children. Year after year passed without them having a baby. The reason I know nothing about.

Uno turns to drinking. Not too bad at first, but it’s soon getting worse. He's developing a drinking problem, and his marriage is going downhill.

Sigrid is finally pregnant, worrying at home, since she doesn’t know where Uno is or when he’ll come back.

One extra complexity is that Sigrid made a promise of absence to alcohol at a young age, maybe four years old. Sigrid didn’t think lightly on her promises, they were fore life.

Even the “for better and for worse, until death do us part” was sacred to her. The marriage wasn’t happy, but she held on to it.

On the 5th of October 1942, two days after Sigrid’s 38th birthday, Birgitta Maria, my mother, was born. Sigrid was very in to Birgitta and pampered her all the time.

IRL she’s got brown hair, as here, but dark blue eyes instead of the brown the game gave her.



- can begin wearing plain trousers and knee-length skirts, but not jeans, decorated trousers, short skirts or untraditional tops;
- must still keep hair up
- can be Family, Popularity or Wealth;
- may get job in Atheletic, Criminal, Culinary, Education, Journalism, Music, Politics or Slacker tracks;
- can own a business/community lot;
- must marry male and take his name (if NPC/Townie, ask to move in and he proposes marriage);
- must move into his house (or, if he is an NPC/Townie, must both move out);
- male must have a better job than her (again, use judgement as to what is 'better');
- may keep her job when she is married, but cannot get promotions (if qualified for one already, cannot try to qualify herself for any more promotions);
- can go to DownTown or Shopping Neighbourhood with a male accompaniment (she can ask him);
- can instigate divorce, but he has to have house.

Player Suggestions:
- can have friends in either gender;
- cannot get a pension (ie, cannot retire from job, only quit).

Birgitta grew up during WW2. The family struggled financially, but she had lots of love from her parents, even though they didn’t enjoy each other much.

 In 1945 a prince was born in Stockholm. His name was Carl Gustaf, and he was number 4 in line to the Swedish Throne. His great-grand-father Gustaf V was still going strong as King of Sweden. In 1947, his father was killed in a plane crash, and he became number 3.

Birgitta was Sigrid’s little doll, always with nice hair-do’s and pretty dresses.

On her 7th birthday, her parents gave her a piano, a very big investment! The creative tradition of the Engström family, now named Johansson from Uno’s side, continued.

The only cloud on the horizon was that Birgitta had to struggle a bit in school, especially with maths. She did OK, though, and was good with languages, art and music.

In 1950 the King, Gustav V, died, and was succeeded by his son Gustav VI Adolf. He was the first king without political powers, but had a great influence on the political life anyway.
He was interested in archaeology and was a member of many different societies on the topic. Carl Gustaf was now the Crown Prince of Sweden, at 5 years of age.

In 1954, a big event took place in Birgitta’s family. All the way from America came aunt Clara and cousin Ingrid to visit. Ingrid was 18 and Birgitta 12. Ingrid told Birgitta everything of the high-rise buildings and life in Chicago. In Swedish. The family kept the language.

It was the first time they met, and it was the start of a friendship that is lasting to this day.
I consider my mother’s cousin Ingrid to be my aunt, that is how close they are.

It was a memorable time, with visitors from that far away, and it’s spoken of still today (as you notice)

1960 Birgitta starts working in (eeh, I actually don’t know where, but it was some office work). In the game she gets a highly inappropriate uniform.

With the money she makes, she buys a green electrical sewing machine, which I still use when I’m sewing something.

In the middle of the 60’s Birgitta decided to change her looks completely, for example by becoming a blond. She was also out with friends dancing a lot, and smoking and drinking. Sigrid wasn’t exactly pleased.

During the same time period Uno became fatally ill. He had lung cancer from his smoking, and probably other problems to from his drinking. No wonder Sigrid was upset by Birgitta’s lifestyle.

And in 1966 it was time for Uno to go. This year it was a really hard winter, and a cold record was set in Sweden: -53 C on February the 2nd!

During springtime there was a big demonstration in Stockhom against USA:s politics in Vietnam and the Swedish Crown Prince Carl Gustaf, was graduationg from University.

1966 was also the year when my parents Birgitta and Bertil met. I’m surprised by how much they look like themselves, without being CAS sims.

Bertil is a grown-up paper boy (and not available for calling in Birgitta’s friends list), and Birgitta is a result of generations of sims, blended with townies.

They met at a dance parlor downtown Västerås. The place was called “Klippan” (the Cliff), don’t ask me why. He was taken by her open attitude and (fake!) blond hair, and bought her a purple drink, that was in fashion to treat to girls.
He recently lost his mother, and she had just lost her father, so they had also that in common.

They started dating. She ended up spending more time with him than at home with Sigrid.

Eventually, on the 3rd of September 1967, the day when Sweden adapted to right-hand traffic, Bertil asked Birgitta to marry him. She accepted, and Sigrid was pleased. He was an Engineer, no less!

Before the wedding, Birgitta decides to go back to her origianl colours. Bertil is disappointed, but just a little bit.

Then Birgitta realizes that she’s pregnant. Sigrid is not pleased, she’s old-fashined! The date for the wedding has to be put forward. This is the spring of 1968, Sigrid is 64 years old, and Birgitta is 26.

At last, according to Sigrid anyway, Bertil and Birgitta tie the knot on the 25th of May 1968, and only the most hawk-eyed female relatives can see the small bump under Birgitta’s wedding dress...


Next time we have a delivery of generation 4: ME!


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