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100 Baby Challenge - Life Threats

Last time, Nasim and Nadia were born. Sharma grew up to an Active child. Omobobola and Omobolanle grew up to Childish and Foodie teens. Sheila grew up to a Slob child. Nasim and Nadia grew up to Fussy and Charmer toddlers. Omobobola and Omobolanle grew up to Bro and Erratic young adults and moved out. Omondi grew up to a Bro teen and later a Slob young adult and moved out. Daisy became pregnant.

Week 84 starts with Daisy Nyberg, young adult, her three daughters and one son. The kids are two children and two toddlers. Daisy is pregnant by Kabir Srinivasan and expects her 12th child. Current baby count is 94.

The week starts with skilling children. It’s calm with just four kids in the house.

And with the big girls in school it’s even calmer. Nasim reaches level 3 and is due to grow up.

But Daisy is too exhausted to make him a cake.

Then she’s too busy giving birth

On Easter Monday at 15.56, two girls are born. They get the names Karin and Katarina

Somewhere Daisy finally made a chocolate cake, and big sister Omobolanle helps Nasim with the candles

He grows up to be a very angry but Good rambunctious scamp

Among the chaos, also Nadia succeeds in reaching level 3.

But this time Daisy is busy ending her relationship with Kabir.

Daddy Naoki helps Nadia with the candles

She grows up to be a Bookworm Whiz Kid

Already on Tuesday, Sharma and Sheila come home with A grades

The eternal chocolate cake is still here.

Sharma grows up to be a Jealous Outdoor Enthusiast

Sheila becomes an Active Friend of the World.

Good that they are both active, it will do the basketball playing even faster

They also take the time to donate all their childres’ books to charity for their scout badges and to gossip about their class mates.

Nasim And Nadia are playing chess together to increase their Logic skill to 4

Daisy has time to help with the homework

And even gets a moment to herself, it’s amazing!

Marie helps with the cleaning. The chocolate cake is still untouched.

With daybreak, the pursuit for the next (second to last?) baby daddy. It’s Kung Bore, so we know that he’s Familyoriented, Cheerful and a Glutton.

Flirting goes well

Very well!

And she’s pregnant!

Nasim gets invited by his father Naoki to join Club Cosplay and he goes as Yoda.

Then it’s time for the babies to grow up. Karin becomes Inquisitive

And Katarina Independent

They start off their Communication skills together

Sharma does her homework on the quay, but she forgo that spring is cold in Willow Creek and we get a freeze warning.

It’s easily fixed though with some outer wear

The next day she’s got A grades, but her life is in danger once more, since she’s enraged from a mood swing

Sheila has A grades as well.

The chocolate cake is finally gone, so the girls get a tiered cake.

Sharma becomes a Glutton

Sheila becomes a Glutton as well, but she’s also Responsible from her upbringing.

The girls are moved out to live with their father Shingo.

We would now have room for triplets. Dare we hope…?

It’s love day and Daisy tries to get Khaled interested in a romance, but he’s stubbornly bored and unaffected by Daisy’s tries.

So she plays a bit of piano again. It has been a long time since she had time for that.

Martin invites her on a date.

A Love day date must be the perfect opportunity to end their romance, right?

Daisy mostly ignore Martin, since she has discovered Vihaan, and his name gives us name ideas for the last baby…

Martin doesn’t take that great…

But Daisy has a great time with Vihaan.

Back home Nasim works on his skill. Nasim and Nadia will be the last kids we need to rush to grow up.

The toddlers skill as well and Daisy helps

On to the next task with grandma Marie as supervisor

Next shift is on Nasim

On Saturday all the kids are invited over for dinner

And while potty training one of the twins, labour starts

On Saturday at 18.26, a girl and a boy are born. They get the names Maria and Max. Unfortunately not triplets…

Nasim, who is supposed to be good, is not happy with his siblings.

And we end this week with an unpregnant Daisy, discussing life’s mysteries with her founder grandma Linnea.

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