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100 Baby Challenge - Week 83, Winterfest Birthdays

Last time, Ayna and Ayla grew up to Materialistic and Childish teens. Sheila and Sharma were born. The triplets were split in age when Omobobola and Omondi grew up to Music Lover and Good children while Omobolanle stayed a toddler a few more days. Sheila and Sharma grew up to Clingy and Fussy toddlers. Omobolanle became a Squeamish child. Ayna and Ayla grew up to Familyoriented young adults and were moved out to live with their father’s family. Daisy got pregnant.

Week 83 starts with Daisy Nyberg, young adult, her four daughters and one son. The kids are three children and two toddlers. Daisy is pregnant by Naoki Tnaka and expects her 10th child. Current baby count is 92.

We start this week with Omobolanle who is hysterical. Don’t die please, then you won’t count towards the 100!

Daisy is pregnant and will go into labour any minute, but she spends the waiting time training Sharma with the building blocks.

The triplets are good kids and help each other out with their school projects.

While cooking dinner labour starts

On Monday week 83, at 23.56, a boy and a girl are born. They get the names Nasim and Nadia.

Every morning something is broken by the resident ghosts. Sometimes Daisy fixes it herself, even if most of the time we just replace the thing.

Sharma is ready to grow up!

And so is Omobobola and Omobolanle!

Daddy Shingo is here to help Sharma with her candles.

She becomes a social and Active little girl.

Omobobola is next

She grows up to be Childish like her mother, with the same hair as our first baby mama Linnea and an LTW to become The Curator.

Omobolanle is next

She becomes a Foodie like her mother and want to be a Bodybuilder.

Naoki is here freaking out over his babies.

Omoni, who was left behind by his sisters makes his homework late at night.

Sheila has reached level 3, time for the next cake

Daddy Shingo is here again. It’s winterfest, but nobody had time to bring out the tree.

She becomes an Artistic Slob

After the birthday the winterfest celebrations start.

Presents and food and lights are arranged.

Nasim is our next Fussy toddler

Nadia is amazingly enough not clingy, but a Charmer!

The training in matching outfits starts immediately.

First day back in school. All the triplets have A grades.

That also means that it’s time for Daisy to move on. She ends her relationship with Naoki and starts one with Kabir.

Then she bakes two blue confetti cakes for the triplets.

Omobobola becomes a Bro like her father

Omobolanle becomes Erratic. It has been a while since we had anyone with that trait!

Last, and also least, Omondi.

Omondi becomes a Bro as well.

The girls are moved out to live with their father Omar.

The training of the next generation continues

And soon Daisy is pregnant again.

While the kids are in school, Daisy finds some time to work on her LTW again. She's a Musical genius as someone might remember.

Omondi seems to be a genius too and has A grades after one day of school!

He gets a cheesecake and becomes a Slob and is immediately moved out.

On New Years Eve the whole family is invited for the celebrations

And we end this week with a visit from Daisy’s oldest son Magnus, who is still a young adult. 6 babies to go!

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