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100 Baby Challenge - Week 82, Clingy and Fussy

Last time, Omobobola, Omondi and Omobolanle were born and grew up to Fussy, Silly and Clingy toddlers. Ayna and Ayla grew up to Vegetarian children. Magnus and Martin grew up to Cheerful and Childish teens, and later to Foodie and Childish young adults that were moved out. Daisy became pregnant.

Week 82 starts with Daisy Nyberg, young adult, her four daughters and one son. Daisy is pregnant by Shingo Murakami and expects her 8th child. Current baby count is 90.

The week starts with Daisy getting invited to a date, at Fern Park of course.
”Yes please”

It’s the next in line, Naoki, who invites her. Jaust as well to keep him warm.

While Daisy was out, the girls came home from school with A grades. Time for a party!

With aunt Janita in the background, Ayna goes first on the blue confetti cake.

Ayna becomes a Materialistic Leader of the Pack, and aunt Janita is amazed how quickly they grow up. Or that they wear the same dress.

Ayla is next

Ayla becomes a Childish Masterchef with the same hair as aunt Shirley.

In the middle of cooking it’s time for the new babies!

On Tuesday week 82, at  07.19 am, two baby girls are born. They get the names Sheila and Sharma. Now the house is full again.

Omobobola is a happy big sister

And she’s due to grow up!

Daddy Omar, who’s now an elder, helps her with the chocolate cake.

She grows up to be a Music Lover

Omondi is also level 3

The chocolate cake is still there, but not daddy, so Daisy helps him with the candles. She looks pregnant still. Maybe she needs som exercise.

Omondi grows up to be Good, the cutie

Sheila grows up next, to a Clingy toddler.

Sharma becomes Fussy. Of Daisy’s so far six daughters, all have been either clingy or fussy. The three boys have had different traits.

Finally on Thursday, the clingy Omobolanle catches up with her litter siblings and is level 3 in all skills.

She gets a white cake, and since it’s harvestfest the family even gets dressed for once.

She’s cute, but she looks very sad to have become Squeamish. She will have plenty of opportunities in this house to be grossed out.

The big girls keep the same pace and are now A students.

The white cake is still there, but the family started eating it, so the twins get a winter cake.

Ayna becomes Familyoriented

Correct that - Both girls become Familyoriented.

Luckily their father has a faily too, so they are moved out to live with them.

”Hey, Naoki, I have a proposal”


And Daisy is pregnant again, but doesn’t seem happy about it. Sorry! Still only around half way there!

Work hard little triplets, so we can get you out of the house!

But first, let us celebrate the All Saints Day. Omondi loves it since he’s good.

The toddlers are developing their communication skill together.

And we end this week with excitement for the new babies. 8 (!) babies to go!

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