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100 Baby Challenge - Week 81, First Batch Out

Last time, Ayna and Ayla grew up to Clingy and Fussy toddlers. Magnus and Martin grew up to Squeamish and Slob children. Marie died and Danielle moved out. Daisy got pregnant by the next baby daddy. Eventually Daichi died too, and now we have three slots in the house.

Week 81 starts with Daisy Nyberg, young adult, her two sons and two daughters. The kids are two children and two toddlers. Daisy is pregnant by Omar Choukri and expects her fifth child. Current baby count is 87.

Toddler training in progress.

Daisy ends her romance with Omar

Just in time for the delivery of his baby/ies

At 17.16 on Monday week 81, not one, not two, but three babies are born. It’s two girls and one boy, and they get West African names, since those were the only ones I found that start with Om. Omobobola and Omobolanle are the girls and Omondi is the boy.

”Hi there baby!”

Ayna is level 3 and it’s time to grow up.

The fathers make themselves useful

Ayna gets a white cake

And she grows up to be a Vegetarian Rambunctious Scamp.

It’s a good thing to invite the fathers over from time to time. Especially Marcus who is neat!

Martin and Magnus have A grades

They get a wintercake

Magnus becomes a Cheerful Painter Extraordinaire.

Martin’s turn!

Nice hair! Martin becomes a Childish Party Animal.

Daisy’s siblings have started dying and we will have a house of eternal sadness again.

But there is joy too. Ayla is level 3 and ready to grow up!

She gets a zombie cake

She grows up to be a vegetarian Social Butterfly. Then it’s time for the triplets.

Omobobola becomes Fussy

Omondi becomes Silly

And Omobolanle becomes Clingy.

Back to the piano. Probably Daisy will never have time to fulfill her LTW of becoming a musical genius.

Too many cakes to bake. Martin has A grades.

Strawberry cake this time

Martin becomes a Foodie, and thereby has the exact same traits as his mother.

Now when the boys are growing up it’s time to pursue the next baby daddy

Martin is moved out to live with his uncles

Triplets in training!

Shingo is interested enough to invite Daisy out. OK!

Flirting ensues

The flirting needs to be cut short though, since it’s time for cake baking again. Magnus has A grades

It’s a blue confetti cake

Magnus becomes Childish as his mother and is moved out.

”Hello Shingo!”

”Let’s make a couple of babies!”

Yay, pregnant!

The girls are responsible and do their homework

The stinky toddlers are at least fed. It takes forever to raise triplets!

Shingo invites Daisy to a date at Fern Park. It’s the most popular restaurant in our hood. It is available on the gallery.

The triplets’ father Omar still works there.

Daisy takes the opportunity to ask Shingo to be only friends.

And to greet some new men.

Daisy’s sister Shakira invites her to the romance festival. ”Of course!”

There are quite a few hotties at the festival, for example Ayaan, Ayna and Ayla’s father.

Apparently he’s married, but we already knew that. Happily married it seems.

There’s a sister too!

Marcus is at the festival as well. Not so many new men…

Here’s one! Naoki Tanaka. Why do half the townies have Japanese names?

Back home we still work on all the skills.

Shingo doesn’t realize he’s a finished chapter.

And the week is finished off with a fishing trip for the big girls and their father. 10 babies to go!

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