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100 Baby Challenge - Week 79, Goodbye Marie

Last time, Daisy joined several clubs to meet some new people. She worked hard to charm baby daddy no 2. Magnus and Martin were born on winterfest, and shortly thereafter Daisy was pregnant again. Magnus and Martin grew up to Inquisitive toddlers and Ayna and Ayla were born.

Week 80 starts with Daisy Nyberg, young adult, her parents, her twin sister, her two sons and two daughters. The kids are two toddler and two babies. Daisy is not pregnant since the house is full. Current baby count is 87.

Danielle is a great aunt and helps with the toddler training

Daisy does her part too

But since it’s Easter Monday, the grand meal needs to be put on the table

It’s time for the girls to grow up. Ayna becomes blond and clingy

And Ayla becomes Fussy, blond and cross-eyed.

Oh, joy, four toddlers!

We’re working on it though!

Daisy works on her LTW. Honestly we’re waiting for Marie and Daichi to die to leave some room for more kids.

Marie dances with bees

And Daichi tips Magnus’ communication skill over to level 3. Time to grow up!

Daisy bakes the first of many cakes for her kids!

Chocolate cake!

Magnus becomes a Squeamish Rambunctious Scamp, and before he can take a piece of the cake the candles are lit again.

Martin just needs a little bit of movement skill

Then it’s time for him too.

Martin becomes a Slob Whiz Kid

Time for dinner!

And time for  Marie. On Thursday 21.59 she draws her last breath, followed only by her grand-daughter Ayna, who looks exactly like her brother Martin.

Conveniently enough Omar, the next daddy is here.

To free more space Danielle is moved out to live with her sisters Maria and Malva.

By decency, Daisy waits until Friday, which is love day, before she accept an invitation to meet Omar out.

The outing soon turns to a date

She invites him back home

And she’s pregnant!

The waiting game starts again.

But now at least we can shift sims to follow around a little bit.

And we end this week with Daichi, who dies peacefully, followed by a much bigger crowd than Marie. 13 babies to go.

Tags: 100 baby challenge, ayla nyberg, ayna nyberg, daisy nyberg, danielle nyberg, magnus nyberg, marie nyberg, martin nyberg, sims 4

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