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100 Baby Challenge - Week 79, Impressive Start

Last time, Daisy and Danielle grew up to Art loving and Childish teens, who got into a rage. Marie fixed stuff around the house and Daichi was zapped by a dissatisfied gnome. Danielle and Daisy also managed to grow up to Childish and Foodie young adults. Marie grew up to elder. Daisy got to know her first baby daddy and got pregnant by him in a bush.

Week 79 starts with Daisy Nyberg, young adult, her parents and her twin sister. Daisy is pregnant by Marcus Pettersson and expects her first child. Current baby count is 83.

Daisy goes to the park to meet someone new, but the only one she meets is her current baby daddy Marcus. They play a game of chess.

So she joins a club to try to find someone new.

The only members shows out to be Daisy and the president Jaana who is Daisy’s long dead great-grandmother

And the only one to add to the club except Daisy’s relatives is an elderly woman. This was not the right club for Daisy!

Instead she joins Marie’s old club Sloppy Joe’s and meets some men at a restaurant

Ayaan seems to be interested!

So they engage in some stargaing

But when she starts flirting with him he’s rejecting her. The weather apparently changed suddenly.

We need the beguile trait!

But despite them being good friends and he’s being very flirty, he still rejects her. Probably he’s married, but that’s ok. Just give Daisy a couple of babies, and then you can go back to your l/wife!

Well, we have plenty of time before we really need him, so Daisy does some excercise.

Marie and Daichi are still very much in love.

Then Daichi grows old, without a cake. Sorry!

He’s happy anyway

This is a very long pregnancy, isn’t it? Daisy does all sorts of things to pass time.

Winterfest comes and it’s time to decorate the tree.

They have time for dinner and presents

And Daisy has time to practice her piano

And finally, when Daisy goes to bed after the celebrations, labour starts.

She gets up again and even has the time to get a present from Kung Bore.


On winterfest Wednesday year 79, at 11.43 pm, two boys are born. They get the names Magnus and Martin.

Marie is happy to be a grandmother

Time to make a serious move on Ayaan!

Aaaand… she’s not pregnant!

Bonus round!

Aaand – now she’s pregnant. Ayaan looks like he’s ready for another go.

But Daisy returns to the piano.

Marie has a late night snack with her parents.

Ayaan cannot forget what he’s been up to and invites Daisy for a date. OK, we’re just waiting anyway.

It’s an opportunity to end things with Ayaan and take advantage of the free food that’s served for A Night on the Town.

Danielle gets invited out too, by her sister Malva. Danielle had a promotion that shall be celebrated.

Daisy, who comes along too, takes the opportunity to flirt with the host.

Back home it’s time to grow up the boys. Magnus has brown hair and is Inquisitive.

Martin is Inquisitive too, but blond.

And so the endless training begins

New Year’s Eve. Danielle gets along fine with her nephews’ father. Maybe we should marry her off with him?

Shu-shu-bee! Shu-shu-bee! Happy New Year!

When is it time for the baby Daisy? Will we know before the week is over? At 03.24 Daisy plays the piano.

At 05.45 Daisy drinks coffee

At 10.43 Daisy takes a nap

In the meantime the boys are working on their imagination.

At 14.38 Daisy joins her boys in playing and the labour finally starts. She has also found out that the baby daddy Ayaan is Familyoriented (and married) in addition to being a Vegetarian Materialist.

At 17.54 on Sunday week 79, twin girls are born. They get the names Ayna and Ayla, although Fraps only wanted to take a picture of Ayla. 13 babies to go!

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