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100 Baby Challenge - Week 78, Time Flies

Last time, Malva grew up to a Glutton teen. Danielle and Daisy grew up to Cheerful and Slob children. Maria and Malva grew up to Slob and Family oriented young adults and moved out. The week was spent chilling and skilling.

Week 78 starts with Marie Nyberg, adult, her live-in boyfriend and their two daughters. We are waiting for the girls to grow up. Current baby count is 83.

After Monday, Daisy and Danielle are ready to become teens.

Danielle goes first on the honeycake

She grows up to be an Art lover with an LTW to be Fabulously Wealthy

Then it’s Daisy’s turn

Daisy grows up to be a Childish Music lover. A creative pair!

The party continues with drinks in the garden and socializing with the older siblings.

Marie is becoming the handyman of the house, fixing everything herself nowadays, when she’s got the time.

Daisy is enraged. Please don’t die!

Danielle is enraged too, but tense as well. What a fiasco it would be if both girls died of rage, now when we think we’re on the last generation.

Daisy continues to be enraged all evening, even when she crashes on the floor

And Marie continues to fix everything.

Danielle works on her fitness skill. As we probably have mentioned before, to dream big at the basketball hoop increases the fitness skill superfast!

Daichi doesn’t do much. He usually plays with his toys when we’re not forcing him to do laundry or cleaning.

Harvest fest!

Oops! One of the gnomes didn’t like what was given to him, but it still counts towards Marie’s holiday goals.

Daichi tries to help, but the gnome is not the forgiving type.

It’s nice to have time to fulfill the holidays, with only four sims in the house.

In the middle of the celebrations we get a notification that Danielle has A grades! Thereby it is decided that Daisy will be the heir and the harvest fest turns into a birthday party.

Danielle becomes Childish like her father and sister.

Jaana and Daisy have dinner together and think about themselves

Marie works in the greenhouse and we suddenly realize that she’s really thin! She has been working out in the background when we haven’t had anything better to do, and apparently it gave effect.

On Friday Daisy comes home with A grades, and we can have a party and then start to work on the last generation! Woo!

The heir gets a tiered cake!

Daisy becomes a Foodie like her mother. Immediately after the party, Daisy checks her phone book and realizes she knows one guy that is not her brother or the father of her siblings.

Marcus Pettersson is invited over for stargazing

Then it’s time for the next holiday, Alla Helgon. The candles are lit

And the graves are tended to.

Daisy needs a lot of points to get the Beguile and the Fertility traits, so we start focusing on her LTW.

It’s Marie’s birthday and it’s time for a party again

Daisy has a lot to learn in cooking, but she might as well start working on it

She manages to make a chocolate cake for her mother.

Marie becomes an elder and Marcus seems to admit he slid in on a banana skin.

Daisy is happy that he’s there, and the flirting has begun.

They go on a date to a café where Daisy explains that she’s happy for that banana skin

The flirting continues

They find a comfortable bush to crown the experience

But on the way home Daisy crashes on the pavement.

Back home Daisy takes a pregnancy test, and she is indeed pregnant. Our first baby is on the way!

And since Marcus followed her home anyway, she ends their relationship. She must quickly start working on the next one. 17 babies to go.

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