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100 Baby Challenge - Week 77, Chilling and Skilling

Last time, we realized that the oldest child Aki is an adult and there will be no more babies for Marie. Instead she developed her current relationship with the last baby daddy Daichi. Sheryl grew up to a Foodie teen. Daisy and Danielle grew up to Clingy and Fussy toddlers. Janita became a Music Lover young adult and moved out to live with her father and twin sister. Shakira and Sheryl grew up to be Foodie and Mean young adults and moved out to live with their older sisters. Maria grew up to a Goofball teen. Daichi moved in and refused to marry Marie.

Week 77 starts with Marie Nyberg, adult, her live-in boyfriend and her four daughters. The girls are one teen, one child and two toddlers. Marie’s baby making days are over, since her oldest children are adults.

She ended up with 15 children on eight pregnancies. Only Khanh is a single, everybody else is twins. Her only sibling alive is her twin sister Malin who has grown old.

And just as we say that, we get the notification that Malin is dead too.

Maria and Malva, who are twins, come home with A grades. Since we only have four kids left and it’s a long time until the heir is mature, we will not grow up Maria to young adult until Malva catches up.

A strawberry cake is made for the occasion.

She grows up to a Glutton with an LTW to be a Joke star.

And look at that, it’s time for Danielle and Daisy too, so Marie has to make a new cake.

In the meantime, Malva works hard to get to level 3 in Fitness.

Confetti cake!

Danielle grows up to be a Cheerful Rambunctious Scamp

Go Daisy!

Daisy grows up to be a Social Butterfly Snob and leaves her short hair behind.

So, dear readers, one of these two will be the last baby mama, unless anything unexpected happens. They look exactly the same with rye blond hair and dark brown eyes. Very much like their mother Marie and their grandmother Thyra.

Daisy starts her social interactions immediately and meets her older brother Hans by the canal.

Both girls stay out late to practice fishing, both for skills and for scout badges.

It’s ok to stay up late though, because next day is a day off, it’s Midsummer. Not a particularly memorable one though.

The week is very quiet and is spent playing and skilling

Both the garden and the house needs some serious maintenance, but nothing exciting happens.

On Friday Malva has A grades and the older twins are read to grow up together.

But first Malva takes a selfie when she donates all her inventory to charity.

Maria has been a teen all week and goes first. Confetti cake again.

She becomes a Responsible Slob

Malva becomes Family oriented. That’s great, we can invite her over every day and she will help her sister with all the babies!

Maria and Malva are moved out to start their own household, and we remain with a mini family, of actually global average size – two adults and two children.

Now when we have time to focus on the two we have left, they are put to work.

Marie is suddenly afraid of ghosts!

Or not. That was random!

And we end this week with a dance party on new skill day. 17 babies to go!

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